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A Career & Lifestyle Website by Naly Rice – Entrepreneur, Writer & Speaker

Listen to the podcast for candid, achievable, advice from entrepreneur Naly Rice through her years working in startups, technology, and founding her own tech marketing company.


The Podcast

Notes by Naly is a podcast filled with lessons learned in business and life.

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The Host

Naly Rice is a Hmong-American founder and CEO of LNCG, a technology marketing-as-a-service company.

Naly is a green technology pioneer having been the Head of Marketing for a major Electric Vehicle Infrastructure company from startup into one of the largest producers of electric charging infrastructure in North America. Thereafter, Naly became Director of Marketing in the Cloud, Data center, and Cyber security industry.

Throughout her career, she grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of technical knowledge with partner marketing agencies.

She launched LNCG in 2013 and the rest is history. Throughout this time, Naly learned a lot of lessons about entrepreneurship, work/life balance, and how to actually start a company with real, candid advice - not simply inspiration.

 Notes by Naly is filled with candid, engaging, and attainable advice for entrepreneurs to truly build and scale a company.


Inside the Podcast

Listen to candid conversations, lessons, and business advice. There are also interviews with notable guests who share their stories, the solutions they found, and how you can apply those to your business.