1. Get to know me better

I'm an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker with an adventurous free spirit entwined with an ambitious and hard working tenacity.  I'm also a fur mama to a fun-loving chocolate lab named Taco, and a wife to my husband Chris.  If you want the down low on how I got to where I am today, then read more about my full journey. 


2. read the blog

Can you believe I've written in a journal since I was 11 years old? I know -- me too!  I've traded in my personal journal with my blog where we write about career advice including how to start a business, marketing tips whether you're looking for a job or looking for new clients, and tidbits on lifestyle topics from friends, relationships, food, and more.


3. Watch videos

I can get a bit camera shy, but if I can help just one person out there in the world then it will be worth it.  My YouTube channel is an extension of this website so if you'd rather watch or listen than read - then my videos are a great way to continue learning about career, marketing and lifestyle topics.  Don't forget to leave me a comment and say hi!


4. discover ln creative group

I'm the boss lady at LN Creative Group (LNCG), a Tech Marketing agency that provides services from responsive website design, branding, sales enablement, software/app development, and marketing automation.  If you'd like to partner with me and my team of creatives, or simply curious about the nuts of bolts of my agency, then head on over to our website.