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Become a Master at Marketing

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14 Lessons in Video

Learn all about Marketing Technology and how to grow your business in 18 Lessons taught in self-paced videos. These exclusive videos are limited to registered students only.

Downloadable Resources

Receive 100% exclusive downloadable resources when you register for the course. Utilize the downloadable resources along with the video lessons for the best content absorption.

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You’ll have access to all the learning lessons forever. Reference it in the future, watch videos to freshen up your skills and access it on the web whenever it suits you.


become a master at marketing technology

The #MarTech Master Class teaches people all over the world how to become a master at marketing technology to grow your business in our digital world.


who is #martech master class for?

Want to know if the #MarTech Master Class is right for you? Learn more about who takes the master class and how it can benefit you.


Business Owners

Do you already own a business and want to grow your customer base but don’t have the resources or expertise on marketing? This master class would be perfect for you to learn all about the different marketing technology tools, figuring out a solution that works for your business, gain skills on leveraging marketing tools, and ultimately growing your business without having to earn your MBA in marketing or hiring a $150K per year Marketing Executive to help you see things through.


Whether you own multiple businesses, are pioneering out to start your own company and make your mark on the world, the #MarTech Master Class is a perfect fit for getting ahead of the curve and learning all about marketing technology for your latest venture. Learn important lessons on marketing that will save you time and money if marketing isn’t your strong suit.


Are you a marketing professional or student? Want to enrich your skills and learn more about the ever growing, ever changing landscape of marketing technology? This course is a perfect solution to going back and getting your MBA in marketing. It’s also an excellent opportunity to apply the skills and tools learned at school or within the company you work for.


The #MarTech Masterclass will teach you how to…

  • Leverage marketing technology tools to start, grow, and scale your business.

  • Build your company’s unique brand with our exclusive workbook.

  • Identify the right marketing tools for your business and how to use them.

  • Fill the gaps in your Marketing and Sales funnel.

  • Be at the forefront of new and emerging marketing technology tools.

  • Build websites that convert visitors into leads.


What is the investment needed for the #MarTech Master Class?


$200 / USD

The cost for the #MarTech Masterclass is only a one time fee of $200. That’s less than most college textbooks and definitely less than going back to college.


All classes are self-paced and we recommend to committing between 1 - 2 lessons per week to fit in with your busy schedule. Whether you take the lessons during your lunch break, putting the kids to sleep, or pow-wowing with a binge watch all weekend - the freedom to choose us up to you!


Master Class Lesson Plan

Click on the sections for more detailed information about each lesson plan. Included with some lesson plans are workbooks to better help you learn the material and how to implement the lesson.

+ 01: Introduction to #MarTech Masterclass

Get an overview of the entire program that is available to you. Learn broadly about each section and freely choose if you'd like to go sectio-by-section or skip around to what is most relevant to you right now.

+ 02: What is Technology Marketing?

Let's a deep dive into what technology marketing is. You'll get deep insight into evolving marketing technology trends, how much the industry has grown, and how it directly impacts you personally along with your business.

+ 03: Business Marketing Strategy

One of our most popular sections is learning more about creating your business marketing strategy. Are you tired of running through hundreds of marketing tactics only to be disappointed? That's because you must define your strategy while most people only consider their goals and tactics. The secret? The strategy makes all the difference between success and failure.

+ 04: Branding

Is it a logo? Is it a color scheme? What the heck is branding anyway? It's a word often tossed around in our digital age but what does it really mean, and how do you build that elusive customer who can't stop raving? It's all in the branding and ur exclusive Branding 101 workbook (included with your course).

+ 05: Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is what you use to manage your website and other data. The most popular CMS is Wordpress and is even used by The Whitehouse. However there is a growing number of "one-fits-all" solutions like Squarespace that make managing a website or e-commerce store easier. We'll learn about which CMS is right for your needs, how it affects marketing, and best practices.

+ 06: Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an important tool for managing current clients, prospects, and leads. We'll learn more about the functionality of a CRM implemented into your business and ways to truly make it unique to your business.

+ 07: Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation (MA) is popping up at companies of all sizes for good reason - managing an endless amount of marketing tools is unrealistic. Marketing Automation not only integrates with your CRM, it's also like a dashboard for all your marketing campaigns and reporting in one place.

+ 08: Other Marketing Software Tools

Marketing technology software is probably one of the fastest growing industries besides gaming thanks to the rise of social media. In this section, we'll cover all other marketing software tools on the market like social media pushers, twitter tweets, and so much more.


+ 09: Data & Analytics

Big data, micro data, and analytics may as well be another language for most of us. After this section, you'll be able to understand what data really means, the story it tells about your business, and insights into where it's going. Brace yourselves!

+ 10: Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a topic people either love or loathe. As a business owner, it's important to understand socia media from a business perspective - not one out of personal use. Gain insights into developing a winning social media marketing strategy specific to your business and target markets.

+ 11: The Cloud, Storage & Backing-up

What is the cloud? Is it safe? Over the past decade, "the cloud" has become the place to run your business. With improvements in security, storage, and back-ups it's simply not responsible for a business owner to ignore this important part of your business - especially if you run an e-commerce store, healthcare company, or financial institution.

+ 12: Cyber Threats & Data Security

Cyber threats are a real problem in our digital age. No one thinks they will be targeted until it happens. In this section, we'll learn about cyber threats and how to protect your business from cyber criminals who are out to steal any and all data.

+ 13: Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots & Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are quickly making their way into the boardroom. So how does an entreprneur, business owner, or professional use these tools to their advantage? Increase your productivity, support certain roles, and streamline your business in this section.

+ 14: Responsive Websites that Convert

Your website is real estate. It's your plot of land on the world wide web to do whatever. Websites have vastly changed with us moving ever closer to mobile phone use only to access the web. Now that we have learned everything, we can focus on putting it all together into a responsive website that helps you convert.

+ BONUS: The Human Touch

A special bonus from Naly about the human touch point of marketing technology.