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Learn all about Marketing Technology and how to grow your business in 18 Lessons taught in self-paced videos. These exclusive videos are limited to registered students only.

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become a master at marketing technology

The #MarTech Master Class teaches people all over the world how to become a master at marketing technology to grow your business in our digital world.


who is #martech master class for?

Want to know if the #MarTech Master Class is right for you? Learn more about who takes the master class and how it can benefit you.


Business Owners

Do you already own a business and want to grow your customer base but don’t have the resources or expertise on marketing? This master class would be perfect for you to learn all about the different marketing technology tools, figuring out a solution that works for your business, gain skills on leveraging marketing tools, and ultimately growing your business without having to earn your MBA in marketing or hiring a $150K per year Marketing Executive to help you see things through.


Whether you own multiple businesses, are pioneering out to start your own company and make your mark on the world, the #MarTech Master Class is a perfect fit for getting ahead of the curve and learning all about marketing technology for your latest venture. Learn important lessons on marketing that will save you time and money if marketing isn’t your strong suit.


Are you a marketing professional or student? Want to enrich your skills and learn more about the ever growing, ever changing landscape of marketing technology? This course is a perfect solution to going back and getting your MBA in marketing. It’s also an excellent opportunity to apply the skills and tools learned at school or within the company you work for.



What is the investment needed for the #MarTech Master Class?


$200 / USD

That’s right - the cost for the #MarTech Master Class is only a one time fee of $200. That’s less than most college textbooks and definitely less than going back to college.


All classes are self-paced and we recommend to committing between 1 - 2 lessons per week to fit in with your busy schedule. Whether you take the lessons during your lunch break, putting the kids to sleep, or pow-wowing with a binge watch all weekend - the freedom to choose us up to you!


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Who teaches #martech master class?

The marketing technology master class is led by Naly Rice, Entrepreneur, Writer and Speaker. Naly founded LN Creative Group, a global Technology Marketing company who was previously a Marketing Executive at one of the fastest Cloud and Datacenter companies in Baltimore and an EV Charging Technology executive who was part of the original team before the first mass-market electric vehicle even arrived.


Master Class Lesson Plan

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What is Technology Marketing?



Business Marketing Strategy






Marketing Software: Content Management System



Marketing Software: Customer Relationship Management



Marketing Software: Marketing Automation



Other Marketing Software



Data & Analytics



Social Media Marketing



The Cloud, Storage & Backups



Cyber Threats & Data Security



Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots & Future Technology



Responsive Websites that Convert



The Human Touch


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