Have you ever used printable wall art before?

It’s a simple, easy, and affordable way to dress up the walls in your home or office without the high cost.  Sometimes, you also simply want to change out the wall decor during holidays or seasons to spice things up. 

One of the best parts about printable wall art is that – you can print it at home and use it right away.  Now, the quality and color will vary, depending on the maker and type of ink you’re using.  However, if you use heavy white card stock, with full color ink printing, you’ll get a good result each time.  We’ve also seen people use photo paper from Staples or Office Max.

We’ve rounded up a list of ways to incorporate printable wall art into your space by room.  Hope this sparks your creativity and gets your juices flowing with home decor ideas!


Living Room

The living room is one of the first ways people use printable wall art.  Whether you have the popular style of collage photos or you have a special wall nook where you put seasonal decor, printable wall art makes it easy to dress up your home and change the vibe immediately.

A great strategy to build interest on living room walls is to stick with a solid plan – either include matching image from different angles, or build a collage-like image wall with related images that shine on their own and make a great collection together.




The kitchen is a space that usually has more decorative, abstract, and quote art compared to photographic art.  A great way to make your kitchen look more cohesive is to pick a color palette and intentionally incorporate it in some of your wall art, kitchen towels, or decor.  

Break away from the conventional wall art shapes (like outlines of utensils or herbs) and use fun and whimsical art like abstract shapes, fun quotes, and photography.


Home Office

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing on, it’s more important than ever to make your home office or home workspace a place where you can feel inspired and creative.  Wall art is a great way to change the mood of a home office and make it feel like it’s own little nook for productivity. 

Use pictures that make you smile, bright and cheery photos, inspirational or motivational quotes is also a great way to break up a bunch of photos.  Add some personal touches like a childhood picture or snapshots from your Instagram for a fun and curated look.


Baby or Kids Room

Decorating a baby nursery or a kids room is so fun because of the limitless possibilities for imagination and colors.  Before decorating with printable wall art, think about the overall look and feel that you’re trying to achieve.  Make a Pinterest board and jot down patterns you see in your board.  What colors are you drawn to?  Maybe you want a certain theme – like safari, space, or woodland animals.  

Selecting wall art that matches your overall theme is a great way to tie everything in together and provide that extra pop of whimsy.  Lately, subtle hues, minimalism, and focus on mixing textures has been very popular for baby and kids rooms.

Have you ever used printable wall art before?  It’s so fun and easy and affordable to change things up.  Let us know all the ways you’re using printable wall art.  We’d love to hear!


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