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Well, hello there and welcome to my personal website. It’s lovely to have you and I hope you discover more information about entrepreneurship, conversations on life, sautéing and sharing memories in the kitchen, and downloading some guides in the library.

I spent the early part of my career working as a marketing executive for technology companies. I was always frustrated with marketing agencies we worked with due to lack of technical knowledge and know-how. I registered my business in 2013 and continued to work part-time until I got the business off the ground.

Today my full-service technology marketing company, LNCG, is running with clients worldwide and employees on three continents. Along my entrepreneurial journey, I made a ton of mistakes and learned many, many lessons.

This is where my journey leads to you…

My guess is you’re here because you’ve read my blog, seen me speak, watched a video, or was referred by a friend. No matter how you got here, my goal is to provide real, attainable, and achievable advice for starting and scaling your business. It’s nice looking at inspiration and getting feedback from others but if you want to start a business you must seize every opportunity to learn, apply, grow, and reflect.

I’m just a normal woman who wanted to work for myself and make a difference for my clients. There are no hidden secrets other than hard work, tenacity, and perseverance. I’m looking forward to having you join me on this journey and learning more about where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

Cheers, N.


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