Who is Naly Rice?

Naly Rice is an Entrepreneur, Writer, and Speaker who started LN Creative Group, a Technology Marketing agency based in Annapolis, Maryland with a global client base. She often speaks at events with categories of Technology, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Women in Business, and Motivational topics. Naly is currently writing a book called “Tech Marketing Made Simple,” and is also building a mobile phone app called the Chic Planner. Before launching her entrepreneurial journey, Naly started her career as an Electric Vehicle Charging Technology pioneer before the first mass-market electric vehicle ever hit the marketplace. There she designed one of the first EV Charging softwares and locator apps. She later left to be Head of Marketing at one of the fastest growing Cloud and Datacenter companies in Baltimore, Maryland before launching her agency, LN Creative Group. Naly Rice currently lives in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area with her husband, Chris Rice, and chocolate lab, Taco.


What is this website for?

This website was created by Naly Rice to teach Marketing Technology to business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are interested in learning more about the ever growing field of technology marketing. Naly, as well as other writers, write about business, marketing, technology, entrepreneurship, softwares, and a smattering of lifestyle topics. This website also contains information about the #MarTech Master Class taught by Naly and her mobile phone app called the Chic Planner. There may also be links to her technology marketing agency, LN Creative Group.


How do I work with Naly?

Thank you for your interest in working with Naly. There are multiple ways to work with Naly:

  • Businesses

    • Learn more about LN Creative Group and the amazing work the team is doing on branding, responsive websites, software and mobile app design and development, content, PPC, and more.

  • Events & Conferences

    • Have Naly be a keynote speaker, a guest on a panel discussion, or teach a master class at your next event.

  • Brands & Products

    • Think Naly would be a good fit for your brand, products, or services? Get to know her and inquire about a potential partnership, blog sponsors, video sponsor, ambassadorships, and experimental branding activities.

  • Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Professional

    • Get involved with Naly’s #MarTech Master Class course, read her blog, and watch her videos to help you grow a successful business.