Create a Unique Space with Abstract Wall Art

Think about the last time you were in a beautiful hotel… as you strolled across the lobby, you look up at the marble check-in counter and behind them is huge abstract painting.  Many people won’t even notice it.  Some people will notice how large and unique it is but not quite understand it. 

Abstract art is meant to make you think, make you feel, make you question, and wonder.  A great piece of art will have people talking and discussing about ideas. 

Now think about your home.  Most people don’t even consider the idea of a large piece of abstract art sitting on your wall at home.  But it could really make the difference between a memorable room and a room that looks pretty vanilla. 

Question is…. are you brave enough for abstract art in your home, office, or room?


Abstract Painting

Create a dreamy and artsy presence in your home with a large abstract painting.  Whether you’re downloading a printable wall art or pulling out the paint to do it yourself, an abstract painting can help bring a room together in a subtle or intense way.  Consider the shapes of the brush strokes, the intensity or calmness of the piece, and how you ultimately want it to compliment the room.


Abstract Shapes & Photography

Abstract shapes and photography shot in micro or macro format can be a very unique and interesting way to add to a room.  With different color effects that can also be added in photoshop, you can achieve any type of look or feel in a room with a piece of abstract shape or photography art. 


Abstract Murals

Nothing brings a city block to life quite like a large abstract mural.  However, have you ever considered what it could do to a room in your room?  Or perhaps a large scale photo print of a wall mural?  Don’t be shy about colors and use your art to make a statement about a layer of yourself that maybe people don’t quite know about.  It’s your home after all… just be prepared to talk about it when guests come over and stare at your beautiful abstract mural or photo.

Have you ever used abstract art in your home, office, or room?


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