Why You’re Thinking About Your Dream Job All Wrong

Everyone has a dream job.  That one job that will fulfill all your personal and professional aspirations into one.  Once you get this job, you won’t ever have to “work” a day in your life – or at least, that’s what Confucious say.  Some people say – just focus on what you like doing.  You know, what you really love devoting your time to.  Just keep focusing on that and something will happen.  Like magic.

Dreaming about your dream job, and actually getting your dream job are two different things.


It’s not always fun on the road to attaining a dream job, and sometimes upon reaching your goal, you suddenly realize that it no longer is your dream job.  You then lose motivation and the confidence to continue going until you settle back into your reality.  Only to repeat this whole cycle again in a couple weeks or months.

Exhausting, isn’t it?

I challenge you to take a step back and look at your dream job from a different perspective to gain a higher level of understanding about what it is.  This isn’t about dreaming of your dream job.  It’s not even about working hard to get to your dream job – that should be a given!  The below steps will help you actually achieve your dream job.


This first goal is a big one, and if you aren’t able to visualize what your dream job is and how to get there, then you might want to have a deeper look at another area of interest.  To understand what your dream job is, you must take the time to envision what that entails from a multitude of levels.  Know that there isn’t one sure-fire way to get there.  Know that your dream job is the end goal, and that there may be stepping stones you have to face in order to reach your goal.

Strategic Planning

Map out those stepping stones but be flexible about a changing landscape.  The only constant in life is change, but go ahead and map out a plan anyway.  The reason is because mapping out a plan from end to end gives you a sense of security and something to aim for.  It doesn’t have to be a detailed plan at all, but be sure you know from a high level what your next move is, which leads to the next thing…

Just do it

Once your long-term vision and strategic plan for your dream job is established, go about executing on your plan.  It will be scary, it will be exhilarating, it will exhaust you, but it will beso worth it.  The first steps are the hardest to get through but just do it.  Facing the challenge will help you gain confidence in taking control of your life and living it set by your own terms.  What may feel unnatural at first will eventually become habit.  And habit is inherently consistent, ultimately instilling a new way of living.  You can do this.

Move like Water

Once you get a couple wins under your belt, don’t lose momentum.  Keep going as you strive closer to your dream job, but be open about changing tides.  Many times, people end up with their dream job only to discover that it is no longer their dream job.

Realize that there is time for many dream jobs.

Maybe you only have one dream job, and perhaps you might unlock a key and discover a new dream job that you never imagined even existed for you.  Keep in mind, your dream job is about simply having something to aim for.  On your ride to navigating towards a dream job, don’t forget to be like water and move with life’s ebbs and flows.

Be Kind, Work Hard, Stay Humble

It’s as simple as that.  Go about reaching your goal with these three mantras and you’ll have a better time working your way through challenging tasks.  Not every stepping stone will be easy, and that’s OK.  Try to visualize your long-term goal at least once a day to help realign you when you feel your last nerve gripping you.

There is no better professional advice I could give than being kind, working hard, and staying humble no matter where you are in your career.

Next time you’re thinking about your dream job, don’t forget these tips to help you actualize your goals.  There is no other feeling than the one of personal accomplishment and achievement.  You have it in you.  The road won’t be easy, but it’s doable if you apply yourself.

You can live a life set on your own terms, and you have the power to change and edit as you see fit.