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Welcome to the New!

Welcome to the New!


Welcome to the new!  We've been working hard for nearly a year building a new site, creating content and curating products.  With the new site launch, we're more energized than ever to inspire, motivate and empower women to live a life set on their own terms. Over the course of three years, our team has learned so many lessons with preparing for the launch of Les Naly, and we're excited to share this wealth of knowledge with each and every one of you.

One of the first big decisions we made as a team was to bring on board the talented agency Necon to create a new logo and responsive website.  The brand reflects Naly's personal aesthetic and was built for ease-of-use.  Naly has spent the majority of her career within the technology sector so delivering a great user experience with an editorial touch was top-of-mind.

In addition, the new website is broken into distinct categories of content that we will continue to grow and share with you.  They are Career, Lifestyle, Style, Beauty and Cuisine.  In addition, we have a lineup of interesting interviews, downloadable giveaways and much more!

Last, but not least, we're excited to roll-out a select number of products through our Shop page.  Our team has taken considerable thought, time and effort in curating and creating quality products that connect with you.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned!




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