Vacation Notice: When Should You Give Notice for a Long Vacation?

Dreaming of a week-long cruise? Planning a Puerto Rican getaway? Good for you! But don't forget - now that you've entered the world of adulthood, you have the responsibility of giving vacation notice. Sure you say, of course I'll give notice, but how much is enough? You don't want to seem over eager with a crazy amount of notice and you also don't want to look irresponsible? Read on for our tried and true vacation notice guide.

When You're Planning the Trip of a Lifetime...

If you've got life-changing travel plans on your mind, give notice ASAP. This could be 6-12 months in advance. When you're planning something really special, you want nothing to get in the way of your big dream. So nip any resistance in the bud and get it on your work calendar.

It's really hard for someone to get mad at you for something that's been on the calendar for a year. Any misunderstanding would be their own fault. Be safe, not sorry. Especially when you're trying to do tricky things like balance your love life and career.

Of course, putting something on the schedule for 2-5 years in advance is a little crazy. You never know what could happen in that amount of time. Unless you're planning some big month or longer travel extravaganza, you don't have to go to these lengths.


When Something Comes Up Last Minute...

The only thing that should come up last minute is pretty much a family emergency. Sure, when you're dealing with anxiety at work it would be nice to get a week-long break, but you need to plan these things ahead.

Generally, your boss will understand a family emergency and you'll be able to take off. You might have to make a few sacrifices to keep things going at your job if it's particularly last minute, but most people will experience this at some time.

Let's say your friends invite you on some incredible 2-week long trip happening next month. If your boss is one of those ridiculously cool kinds of people, maybe that could work for you. Otherwise, you're going to have to get creative. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it will take more than adding it to your work schedule.

For last minute trips that you really can't part with, work with your boss to find a solution. Maybe you'll work half-days or check in to make sure things are running smoothly. This will work out really well for you if you have a job that allows you to work remotely. If not, you just might have to offer up some upcoming weekends. Figure out how important the trip is to you and make your choices accordingly. 

When You Really Need a Day Off...

Mental health days are a completely real and necessary thing. Say you just finished a huge project, chances are your brain can hardly handle anything else. See about taking a day off next week.

Generally, if you can give a week's notice or more for one day off, your leadership will find that acceptable. Of course, the more in advance you can plan the better. But sometimes, you just really got to get out of there.

How fun would it be to rent an awesome Air Bnb not too far from you for a long weekend? Pretty relaxing right. If you can work in a mental health day realistically (and you probably should), do it! Think about what's most relaxing to you and make it work. Sometimes there's nothing better than doing nothing, knowing you could be at work instead.

And when you really have no time for notice, it's time to be honest and ask very nicely. Try to explain what's going on so your boss will understand why you're last minute departure is necessary. Tell them that you'll make up the time or finish an urgent project before you go. If you're a little vulnerable (but still professional) and make sure your boss has nothing to worry about with you going out a day, you should be fine.

From the unexpected to the long-planned, giving vacation notice can be a tricky formula. Hopefully, these guidelines will get you on track and ready to relax after a very professional length of notice. And wherever you go, whatever you do, enjoy it! After all, every hustler needs a little R&R. Don't forget your sunscreen and have tons of fun!

What's your next work vacation? Share the deets with us to inspire our next trip!