This Trending Cake Style is So Beautiful


Every now and then a trend comes and we can't help but get wrapped up in the hype.  Trends are even more exciting when it comes to food.  Which is why when we saw this cake, we were so in love with it!  Its clean, fresh take on cakes adds a unique twist on celebrations.  After looking at the photos, who would't want to receive one of these cakes for their birthday... or any reason at all! 

Although we don't know exactly where this trend kicked off, we're particularly in love with Instagram user adikosh123 and her cake creations.  She has a very focused, consistent, and beautiful range of creations on her Instagram account. 

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How can you not love this cake?  The added fruits, macarons, flowers and chocolates on top add to the whimsical nature of the cakes. I especially love the individual piped frosting. It gives the whole cake a very distinct look.

Are you going to try making this cake this year?

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