Top 5 Podcasts Guaranteed to Make Your Commute Better


For most of us, the work commute is unavoidable. If you're lucky, then your commute is short and sweet with minimal traffic. If you're not as lucky, then your commute is at least 45-minutes, and that's without traffic. While you can't avoid the work commute, you can make it better by listening to these fantastic podcasts!

Check out our top 5 podcasts:

TED Radio Hour Think of TED Radio Hour as your daily dosage of inspiration. Each episode explores a certain theme featuring TED talks from various speakers. There's a vast selection of topics to choose from, ranging from human behavior to science to marketing, and there's bound to be a topic that piques your interest. With TED Radio Hour, you're basically taking the best of TED Talks along with you on your work commute.

Embedded NPR's Embedded takes a story from the news and explores it even further. It's an inside peek into journalism at its finest -- listening to journalists investigate issues, perform interviews, and provide final evaluations on news stories. Why does Greenland have the highest suicide rate in the world? Why are schools closing down across the country? What is police glad-handing? Tune in, and find out.

Note to Self Note to Self is described as "the tech show about being human", and that's exactly what it is. This podcast explores modern technology issues and how it impacts us -- our health, behavior, and lifestyles. Is technology affecting your sleep? What happens with laws haven't caught up with technology yet? How can you use technology to live better and more productive lives? These are everyday issues that Note to Self tackles.

This American Life This American Life is what happens when news stories meet storytelling. For each episode, they select a theme, and then, feature stories relating to that theme. The appeal of This American Life is that their stories tend to center around everyday people, and it's almost as if your story (or mine) could be featured on there as well.

Lore Lore is a podcast about the frightening history behind folklore. It examines the historical events surrounding real-life scary stories. Lore has a campfire feel to it--only with less s'mores and more goosebumps. Lore is the perfect combination of storytelling and historical ghost stories.

What are your favorite podcasts?