Tips to Procrastinate Less at Work


Have you ever had that feeling when you get to work and begin contemplating about how there’s 8 hours in your workday so you have some time to kill? You watch some YouTube videos, check your Instagram feed, and read over your favorite blog. Before you know it, it’s lunchtime and you’ve just wasted half the day. Procrastination is an unfortunate—but very common problem for many of us. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs while you have stacks of work beside you, and continuously seem to miss deadlines, here are some tips to procrastinate less at work.

Make a List Many people make a to-do list at the beginning of their workweek. Though this is a good idea, it still doesn’t solve the problem of procrastination, and by the time Friday rolls around you’re left with a lot to catch up on. A better idea is to make a to-do list every single day. This will allow you to stay on track since you’ll know what you definitely have to get done that day, and what can wait until tomorrow.

Go For a Walk You’re probably thinking, “isn’t going for a walk just contributing to the procrastination?” Sort of. But it also allows you to get outside and take in some fresh air. A change in scenery can boost your energy and clear your mind so that when you head back over to your desk you aren’t daydreaming off to lala-land.

Disconnect In a world where we rely so heavily on our cellphones and social media, it can be difficult to disconnect. By turning off your cellphone for a few hours of your work day, you wont be as tempted to check your Facebook feed since you wont receive any notifications until you turn your phone back on.

Manage Your Lifestyle Procrastination happens because our minds simply can’t focus on the task at hand. Since concentration is needed, it’s important to check your lifestyle habits. Are you getting enough sleep the night before work? Are you eating food with enough omega-3 fatty acids, or are you relying heavily on drive-thru options during your commute in to work? Having a well-balanced diet that is rich in nutrients, as well as getting adequate sleep, will help keep you alert and focused at work.

Procrastination is something that everyone experiences at some point in their career. For some of us, this happens everyday. Instead of continuing this unproductive cycle, look for ways that you can shift your focus and use your time wisely. How do you stop from procrastinating at work?