Tech Desk Decor for Your Office


Even if you are working your dream job, sometimes the office can look a bit drab and boring. Enter tech desk decor to the rescue! Adding a little fun to your work environment will help keep you motivated and productive--especially if you're working long hours on end. Tech desk decor is stylish and functional, and you don't need an IT degree to work 'em!

Check out these tech desk decor to elevate your work week:

  1. Space Bar: It's a lifesaver when you have a small desk. It'll minimize clutter, organize your desktop, and provide additional USB ports for your computer.

Tech Desk Decor: Space Bar Keyboard Organizer

$78.40 | Space Bar (via Amazon)

  1. Smartphone Desk Stand: Offers a quick view of incoming calls, texts, or calendar alerts. Super handy for busy bees!

Tech Desk Decor: Smartphone Desktop Stand

$25.99 | Smartphone Desktop Stand (via Aliexpress)

  1. Gadget Holder: Reduces clutter on your desk, and provides a charging station for your smartphone and tablet.

Tech Desk Decor: Bamboo Charging Station

$29.99 | Bamboo Charging Station (via Amazon)

  1. Epic Laser Keyboard: Easily pairs with Bluetooth compatible devices. Grab it for impromptu meetings and forget about trying to scramble for pen and paper or lugging your laptop around.

Tech Desk Decor: Wireless Projection Keyboard

$82.99 | Wireless Projection Keyboard (via BestBuy)

  1. Light Up Memo Pins: Each pin has a timer and lights up when a deadline approaches. Talk about genius! It's your sticky note's new best friend.

Tech Desk Decor: Light-Up Memo Note Timer Pins
Light Up Memo Pins (via BonjourLife)

  1. USB Tulip Hub: How adorable is this? Flowers that you don't have to water, and they'll charge up your beloved devices!

Tech Desk Decor: USB Flower Hub
USB Tulip Hub (via Amazon)

  1. Indoor Friendly Plant: Okay, so this isn't exactly tech decor, but studies have shown that greenery can make you happier long-term while boosting productivity by 15%. That, ladies, is exactly why indoor plants deserve a special space on our desks!

Desk Decor: Indoor Plants

Top Plants for Terrarium (via BHG)

What are some of your favorite tech desk decor?