Take Time For Yourself

Ever get that feeling like you're on autopilot?  Maybe you just feel tired and burnt out from your day?  It happens.  Life can sometimes be challenging, which is why you should always take some time for yourself.

Taking the time to reconnect and focus positive energy on yourself is incredibly beneficial.  

It can help calm your nerves, reduce stress levels and be in the present.  If you can, try to take a day for yourself, or a solo weekend vacation.  You can explore a new city with no real plans, work on a hobby, learn something new, etc.  Whatever it is that you're doing, be sure that it's what you really want to do.  Not only does it support creative thinking, it gives you the opportunity to spend quality time getting to know yourself again.

Don't have the luxury of doing a solo getaway?  No problem!  Even little moments of silence and thoughtful breathing sprinkled throughout the day can help make a world of a difference in your mood.

Below are some examples of how you can reconnect with yourself that won't take too much time:

  • Before you wake up, take 5 minutes to breathe deeply in and out
  • After you get ready, take a moment to reflect on what you're grateful for before taking on the day
  • On your daily commute, turn the music off and say a couple positive affirmations
  • Take 10 minutes to go on a walk outside by yourself
  • After lunch, sit by yourself and meditate for 5 minutes before going back to work
  • Write one page in a journal before going to sleep
  • Take a long hot shower or bath

No matter how busy work/life/school/family/friends can get, don't forget to take some time to soothe your spirit and reconnect with yourself.  What are some ways that you like to reconnect with yourself?