How to Shop Modestly So You Don't End Up in Debt

Dreaming of a $2,000 purse? Ogling at your favorite fashion magazine? Sure, you have your own income now and you're bringing in the dough, but your dreams of designer duds are causing nightmares of unpaid bills and credit card debt. Even though you can provide for yourself and pay rent, you still need to learn how to shop modestly so your shopping sprees don't end in major regret. Shopping solely high-class brand names can become the worst mistake you'll ever make, especially when it comes to your credit score. Those compliments and looks of admiration for a really incredible wardrobe piece will only take you so far. When your heart screams "Must buy now!" it's up to your brain to set things straight. Take a look at the tips below to start tweaking your shopping habits, shop modestly, and stay out of debt.

Give Yourself an Item Budget

Budgets can seem like the most boring thing in the world, especially if you aren't so keen on numbers. If you can't seem to set a monetary budget, give yourself an item budget.

Say a new purse, cocktail dress, and swimsuit are on your must-have list. Instead of getting everything at once, give yourself a budget of only purchasing one thing each month. Decreasing the number of items you purchase each month is one way to shop modestly and here's the kicker, you still get to shop! Keep your eyes peeled for good deals while you're waiting and you'll be able to make an even better purchase. The hunt for high fashion is on, my friend.

Just make sure to use your one item budget at reasonably priced stores so as not to trick the system. We're still working to avoid debt here. And hey, pick up a finance book while you're at it. They're not all bad!

Find Your Favorite Stuff at a Discount

Nowadays, there's hardly a reason to buy something at full price. There are tons of online high-end discount stores just waiting to be scoured. Check out Gilt, Rue La La, or The RealReal.

These stores have designers that are seriously swoon-worthy at prices you can actually afford. Sometimes when you're just starting out, shopping modestly is about making compromises to get what you love.

Look around at different discount sites to find your favorite and wait around for a great sale or perfect addition to your closet. Be patient and shop smart. You can even use some of these sites to get rid of clothes you no longer want.


Give Renting a Try

Have an event that you must look absolutely smashing for? Instead of dropping thousands on a gown, check out Rent the Runway. Since being around for years, this high fashion rental site has become mainstream. There's nothing quite like looking fabulous at a fraction of the price.

Gowns aren't the only thing you can rent. There are tons of services out there where you can rent designer bags, chic work wear, and next level accessories.

Look around and find a high fashion rental site that will satisfy your vogue desires and help you avoid debt. 

Reward Yourself with Style

Instead of making expensive purchases on a regular basis, save them for a special occasion. Have your eye on that Marchesa dress or Loubiton heel? Make it a reward for getting your next promotion or reaching a new income goal with your side hustle.

Your high fashion treasures will mean so much more when you attach them to your goals. Every time you use that bag or wear that necklace, you'll think of your success. What better way to fuel your motivation?

Take a few minutes to think about your fashion and career goals and then decide how they'll align. Will you finally purchase that Birkin after you reach a new salary level? Or will you go for a stop at Tiffany's when your bonus reaches 5 figures? Be realistic about what you should spend and work hard for what you want.

Create a Vision for the Future

So maybe you can't afford everything you want right now. That's OK. To ease your disappointment, create a vision of yourself in the future. Imagine what your life will be like in 5-10 years. Will your closet be stocked with Alice and Olivia? Will you have enough Chanel pieces to make your head spin?

Creating a vision for the future will remind yourself that even though you have to shop modestly now, it won't always be that way. As you climb the career ladder, your closet will get closer and closet to your daydreams.