Shimmery Eyes for End of Summer


There is probably no other better time to wear (or try) shimmer eyeshadow than summer.  No, we're not talking about the bright blue or green shimmer eyeshadows of our youths.  We're talking about sophisticated, elegant, shimmer that enhances the eyes without going too crazy. The quality of makeup has continued to improve over the years.  I remember using a shimmer eyeshadow back in the 90's that literally looked like regular eye shadow with specs of glitter mixed in.  Nowadays, some of the most popular shimmer eyeshadows are baked giving this beautiful iridescent look when swept across the eye because the shimmer is packed and set to dry so tightly.

Not ready for an all shimmer look?  Choose one shimmer eye shadow with a matte finish eyeshadow around the corners of the eye.  Pack the shimmer eye shadow on the center of your eye lid for a sexy look.  Want to look even sexier for an evening event?  Rock a cat eye on top of that for a makeup look that will really stand out.


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