How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others & Love Your Own Life


Social media makes it so much easier to compare ourselves to other people. Think about it. Before Myspace, we couldn't see all these people around the world looking fabulous. Scrolling through a feed wasn't even a thing. But now social media is here to stay and while it can often bring down our self-esteem, it's not all bad. Learning how to not compare yourself with everyone you see will make everything from scrolling on social media to looking in the mirror more enjoyable. The problem with comparing ourselves to others is that we aren't supposed to judge ourselves on the progress others are making. We should only be comparing ourselves to who we were in the past. It's about your journey, not anyone else's.

1. Know Your Worth is Inherent

Comparison lowers our self-esteem because it makes us believe that we aren't good enough. We see women who are accomplishing amazing things all the while looking perfect and it makes us feel like we're nowhere near as good as them. The problem with this thinking is that it decides our worth based on what we do and how we compare to other people. Where does your worth as a human being really come from? It's inherent. You are born a worthy human being with the opportunity to learn and grow in your life. When you separate your self-esteem from the comparison of others, you'll be so much more confident.

2. Realize There's No Such Thing as Perfection

When you see people who seemingly have picture perfect lives, you're actually only seeing a very small moment in time. What happened after they pressed the button to take the picture? What did they have to do to make themselves look so perfect? Often what we compare ourselves to isn't even reality. At my lowest points, I'll look up pictures of celebrities without makeup. When I do that, I realize that anyone can look like a celebrity with a lot of primping. At the end of the day, everyone has challenges in their lives that they aren't sharing with the world. You have no idea what happened after that snap of the camera and what their lives are really like. Chances are, you wouldn't want their problems.

3. Hit Unfollow

If the people you're following on social media are constantly making you feel bad about yourself, hit unfollow and move on. When you can't get past your jealousy, it's time to remove the issue. Don't subject yourself to things that lower your self-esteem! Fill your life with things that lift you up and make you happy. From the people you hang out with to the accounts you follow, you control what you see and how you react to it.

4. Love Your Journey

Comparison feels so wrong because we aren't meant to be exactly like other people. We each have our own journeys and when you go down your own path, you will feel amazing. Human beings aren't designed to be exactly the same. We all have unique talents and we can follow these talents to create something that makes the world a little better. Take time to dream your own dreams and set goals to create something that only you could. Whether it's writing a song, starting a business, making a product, designing something beautiful, or anything else, you have your own beautiful journey and you don't need anyone else's.


Where are you going on your journey? Share your dreams with us in the comments below!