5 Rookie Mistakes You’re Making at Your Job


Oh, the life a young, full-time working professional. Typically, full-time jobs require working five days a week for eight hours every day. If you’re trying to make a name for yourself within your industry, then there’s a good chance you’re working more than 40 hours a week.  With the bulk of our lives revolving around work, we’re bound to make mistakes. But what if you’re making mistakes every single day, and you don't even realize it? Rookie Mistakes

Here are 5 rookie mistakes you’re probably making:

Being a Gossip Girl At a young age, we learn that gossiping about people is wrong. Yet, for some reason, the majority of people still do this even without realizing it. Is it in our nature? Perhaps. Is it wrong? Most of the time. If somebody wants you to know something, then they will make the effort to tell you. More importantly, if somebody does decide to tell you something, then you should be respectful, and keep it to yourself. Nobody likes a gossip queen.

Lying We all make mistakes—it happens. Unfortunately, many people try to cover their mistakes rather than own up to them. Not only does this waste time and money, but it can also leave your superiors questioning your loyalty and reliability. Own up to your mistakes, and learn from them.

Complaining It's called work for a reason. It is not a vacation. It’s not relaxing.It's definitely not a time to catch up on your latest Netflix binge. When you continuously complain about certain tasks or just your job in general, you create a cloud of negative energy around you. Not only does this keep you in a funk, but it also gives off the impression that you're obviously unhappy with your job, but you're also unwilling to do anything about it, either. In other words, you come off as a loser, and nobody wants to work with a loser.

Stealing Credit Workspaces are all about collaboration, and proving yourself as an individual and a team player. However, taking credit for someone else's work is distasteful and cowardly. Not only will your coworker resent you, but eventually other people will find out, and this will make you look even worse. If your boss accidentally praises you for an idea that isn't actually yours, then it's your responsibility to set the record straight. Be gracious, and kindly give credit where credit's due.

Making Everyday Casual Friday It's great when you're finally comfortable enough to be yourself at your job. What's not great is when your comfort level starts to border on laziness (or worse, apathy). If you've started trading in your dress pants for jeans (or worse, leggings), then it's time to step back and reassess. Are you just adapting your office style to match company culture? Or, have you simply stopped caring about what you wear to work? If you find that you no longer care about what you wear for work, then it's time to evaluate why you're still there.

All in all, rookie mistakes are made so that we can learn and grow. However, many mistakes are ingrained within habits that are hard to change. By recognizing your flaws and shifting your behavior, you can begin to eliminate these simple mistakes that can have huge implications. What’s the biggest rookie mistake that you’ve made at your job?