How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch for The Job Hunt

Dream job here you come! But wait, first you have to find the right position, make the right connections, and get the interview. Where does all that start? When you perfect your elevator pitch! This simple little thing is one of the hardest things you'll do, but it can also be a brilliant boost for your career. Make these shifts and the job hunt will be that much easier!

1. Make it Relevant

To give the perfect elevator pitch, make sure that you're customizing it for the job you want. Your elevator pitch should convey how you're perfect for the job you want to do. For example, If you want a sales manager position, your pitch could illustrate your skills in persuasion and interpersonal speaking. If you want a job that's pretty unrelated from what you do now, show how your skills will help you succeed in this other position. In summary, your elevator pitch should set you up for the job you want, not necessarily the one you have.

2. Share it Everywhere

Don't keep your elevator a secret! And definitely don't just share it with recruiters. You might be surprised at the connections you make with people walking the street. Your neighbor's uncle might need someone just like you. Your dentist might have another patient who works at your dream company. There's no way you would know who can connect you with your dream job, so you have to share it with everyone.

3. Make it REALLY easy to understand

An important key to the perfect elevator pitch is its simplicity. While using complicated terminology might make you sound professional, it won't help you on the job hunt. If you're going to share your elevator pitch with everyone, you need to make sure that everyone can understand it. Colette Grgic, CIO of Blue Chili, said that your grandmother should be able to repeat your elevator pitch to other grandmas. That's how clear it should be!

[bctt tweet="An important key to the perfect elevator pitch is its simplicity. " username="les_naly"]

4. Customize Your Pitch

Your grandmother and your industry colleague are going to have two different understandings of what you do, and that's why you need to customize your pitch in order to perfect it. If your speaking to someone who understands the technical details, add in what language you code in or what level of LEAN you're at. But if you're talking to someone who has no knowledge of your industry at all, simplify your pitch so anyone could understand it. This is even important with recruiters. Are they tech-specific recruiters? Then add in all the specifics you want. But if they are general recruiters, feed them the keywords you think they'll be looking for.

5. Add Energy

No one wants to list to you mutter your elevator pitch. It can be hard to repeat the same thing over and over again, especially at a cocktail event, but it's unavoidable. So every time someone asks what you do, get excited about it! People want employees and partners who are energized by what they do. You have the opportunity to do something great, show that enthusiasm in your elevator pitch. This little change of tone is everything!

What are you on the job hunt for? Share your career desires with us in the comments below and who knows, you might find the connection you need!