Notes by Naly - New Series


We're launching a new personal series here on Les Naly written by me, the CEO and Chief Creative Officer.  I was inspired to start the Notes by Naly section as a way to share my experiences, stories, tips and advice. It's often difficult for me to share personal stories or anecdotes because I consider myself a very private person.  Throughout my entire life, I've always tried to keep my personal life what it was - my personal life.  However, as I've gotten older I found that sharing my stories have helped me build better relationships at work and in life.  I'm always surprised when my colleagues tell me I have a "compelling" story, when it doesn't feel that way to me since I live/lived it.

Through this new series, I will get the opportunity to share with you some stories from my travels around the world, career stories from working in the states and abroad, relationships, life and more.  My hope is that the stories entertain you, inspire you, are relatable to you and, perhaps you can support and inspire me with your stories.

Looking forward to sharing more stories to come!