Moving Up: Why Appearance Matters


Remember the old saying "Never judge a book by its cover"? It's a rule that everyone should live by, but unfortunately, that's not the way society works. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just imagine what your first in-person impression says about you.

Here's why investing in your appearance can improve your work opportunities:


Whether you're interviewing for a new job, or giving a presentation to a new client, the way you carry yourself speaks volumes. Showing up in denim shorts, flannel shirt, and unkempt hair will give the impression that you don't care much about your position--and what's more, that you don't care about their impressions of you, either. By investing in a professional wardrobe, you'll project an image that exudes confidence, aptitude, and dedication to your career.


When a promotion hangs in front of you, it can feel daunting. If others are vying for the same promotion, then you can bet the critical months leading up to the candidate selection are going to be challenging. It's easy to begin doubting yourself, especially if the competition is stiff, and if you don't believe in yourself, then nobody else will, either. By investing in your appearance, you'll look and feel confident in yourself, and your confidence will radiate outwards. Even if you don't immediately feel confident, just looking the part will help put you on the path towards gaining confidence.


When you think about all the coworkers you've had thus far, do you envision them based on their appearance? Chances are, you do. Humans are naturally visual creatures, and we tend to remember appearances. Perhaps your old boss was a bit nerdy and had a tendency to wipe his glasses on his shirt after every long meeting. Or maybe the intern was a slob, and you can still remember standing behind her wondering if she owns a hairbrush. Your favorite colleague? Sure, she was fun to talk to, but you couldn't pick her out of a crowd. Impressions matter--whether or not you want them to. First and last impressions endure long after you've changed jobs and moved on with your career. Always strive to make a positive first and last impression so that you'll always be memorable.

Looks aren't everything, but in the working world, looks do matter. The effort you put into your physical appearance indirectly reflects the efforts you put towards your career. Whether we like or not, our physical appearance is tied to first impressions, and first impressions are absolutely vital to creating lasting impressions. Investing in your appearance doesn't make you superficial or shallow. It simply shows that you take care of yourself, and no one can fault you for that. Dress to impress, rock your signature beauty look, and always leave a lasting impression upon whomever is lucky enough to cross your path.

Do you think investing in your appearance can improve career opportunities?