Why Ultra High Heels Are an Office Don't


High heels are, without a doubt, the sexiest staples in any woman's wardrobe. Whether you're attending a sophisticated bridal shower or hitting up a night club with the girls, there's nothing quite like a pair of heels to complete your outfit and boost your confidence. What about wearing high heels in the workplace, though? Of course, there are days when a pair of stilettos simply makes your pencil skirt look even better, but at what point do heels become ridiculous? Heels that are 3" or less may be office appropriate, but wearing anything taller could put your next promotion at risk.

How ultra high heels could hurt your next promotion:

  1. Ultra high heels can attract the wrong kind of attention. If you're looking for a promotion, it's necessary to get noticed--for your work performance, not your taste in sky-high heels. If you're wearing sky-high heels constantly, then people are more prone to notice your heels rather than your work ethic. A career woman never lets her work ethic be overshadowed by her shoes.
  2. Wearing heels constantly can affect your health. To perform your best, you need to feel your best. On a busy day at the office, you're on your feet all day running from the fax room to your desk to another colleague's office. If you're constantly on the move, then your feet are going to pay the price. Blisters and joint pain will leave you operating in slow motion by the end of the day, and your colleagues may think you're just being lazy.
  3. Sky-high heels can give off the wrong impression that you value beauty over brains. Sky-high heels are sexy, and they can leave you feeling confident. However, most organizations have dress codes that require employees to look professional. Let's be honest: 6" heels aren't exactly professional. They'll raise eyebrows and not necessarily in a good way. Save the sky-high heels for a girl's night out instead.
  4. Strutting your stuff is hard when you're wobbling in high stilettos. When you walk into a boardroom or a meeting, it's important to look self-assured and confident. However, it's hard to walk swiftly and gracefully if you're struggling to balance yourself in very high heels. In fact, it just looks awkward, and it'll distract from the message that you need to convey.

You could be the hardest-working, smartest, and most dedicated employee, but it could all be for nothing if you don't present yourself in the right way. It's important to make sure that your appearance compliments your work ethic. This doesn't mean that you can't wear high heels to work. You can--and you should--wear them if they're are a vital part of your style. However, you should always be sensible in your choice of shoes for the office. Choose styles that you can wear comfortably and confidently--styles that compliment both your personal and professional style.

Has wearing ultra high heels impacted your career in any way?