How to Find & Keep Your Inspiration in 2017


A new year means so many new chances to create. Whether you have a goal in mind or you aren't sure what you'll make of 2017, you can find inspiration to do whatever your heart desires. Let go of 2016 and push yourself to do what you've always wanted to do. With these tips, you'll find your inspiration and reach your amazing potential. [column_left] [/column_left] [column_right]

1.Stay in Tune with Yourself

It's difficult to find and keep your inspiration if you're hardly in touch with yourself. Pushing your mind and body to burnout is one consequence and you won't find inspiration there. Figuring out how to reconnect with yourself and doing the work to stay centered will keep you on your toes and ready to create. When you're in tune with your body and heart, you'll be connected with your passions and the unique characteristics that make you you. When you align these things, you'll be mega-inspired.

2. Speak to Your Emotions

No matter what kind of project you want to find inspiration for, you can always find it in things that speak to your emotions. Maybe you love young adult books (I do!) or maybe for you it's artsy foreign language films. Whatever makes you feel a strong emotion, go do it! Taking the time to connect with powerful emotions can elicit ideas that will surprise you!


3. Get Outside ASAP

Woman in Gray Long Sleeve Shirt Standing in the Middle on Green Leafy Plant during Daytime

If there's anything we learned from 2016, it's that we are way too plugged in. Our lives revolve around virtual memes and images of people we've never met. Often times seeing these 'perfect' images makes us feel bad about ourselves and stifle our inspiration. Turn it all off and get outside. Connecting with the real world can offer more inspiration than you can imagine. Simply sit outside (without your phone) and think. Take in your surroundings. Smile. Ponder things in your heart. The inspiration you've been missing has been here all along.

4. Write it All Out

Get all that mumbo jumbo out of your head with a beautiful thing called morning pages. The idea of this creative tool is to write all the things in your head in a stream-of-consciousness journal for a certain amount of time each morning. The practice helps you find clarity and inspiration by getting rid of thoughts that are holding you back. Morning pages are used by everyone from successful entrepreneurs to famous musicians.

5. Keep a Journal By Your Bed or Shower

Human Writing on Notebook

For many people, the best ideas come when they're in the shower or just about to fall asleep. This is because we are finally at a stage of relaxation and let our minds wander. If you've experienced this a time or two, take advantage of it by keeping a journal beside your bed. Whether you scrawl down an idea in the dark or turn the light on to work out a new project, you will keep the inspiration that strikes and put it to use immediately.

What inspires you? Share with us what you do to get inspired in the comments below. We'd love to try your tips!