Why Every Career Woman Needs a Pencil Skirt

It’s hard to be fashionable in the business world. With women constantly battling the wage gap and trying to break the glass ceiling, the last thing on our mind seems to be fashion. But, why is this? Can’t women be fashionable and still be taken seriously? Of course!

Here’s why every career woman needs a pencil skirt in her wardrobe.


First and foremost, pencil skirts are stylish and office appropriate. Pencil skirts can be dressed up with statement necklaces and blazers, or dressed down with dark tights and basic flats. With lots of colors and patterns to choose from, your office look can go from basic and boring to sophisticated and sassy.


You’ve probably heard the concept of a power stance; a certain pose or way of standing projects confidence, assertiveness, and leadership. This same idea follows suit with pencil skirts. This power skirt is clean tailored, sharp, and leaves a sleek silhouette that screams, “Look at me! I’m confident; I know what I’m talking about, and I expect you to listen.”



If you’ve worked in an office you know the struggle of finding an appropriate outfit when the weather becomes hot. Majority of the time you have to stick with dress pants and a blouse—a less than favorable choice for the summer. Pencil skirts are classy and let your legs breathe. The best thing is that they aren’t shorts so they’re super office appropriate.


Majority of businesses operate under a "business casual" dress code. This typically means no jeans, sweatpants (although that would be amazing,) cleavage, or bare shoulders... In other words, it's much more business than it is casual. Pencil skirts can be sexy and form fitting, but with lengths falling just at the knee, they are still professional. In fact, there are a lot of women's dress suits that come in a blazer and pencil skirt combo. Throw in a leather laptop bag and you're set to take the professional world by storm -- or at least look the part!

Keeping fashion in mind may not be a huge priority in your career, but first impressions are very important in business so it’s always better self-serving to dress to impress. Keeping your look sophisticated, simple, yet stylish will leave you feeling confident and this confidence will surely come across whether you’re in a meeting or giving a presentation to clients.

Do you own a pencil skirt? If so, what’s your favorite way to wear it?