Dewy vs Matte Makeup

Picking between dewy or matte makeup finish isn't a make or break life decision.  Wearing makeup should be fun and experimental.  Still, everyone wants to look their best and put their best foot forward at work and in life (when we're not in yoga pants all week)

I honestly didn't know what the difference was in matte or dewy makeup finishes until I was well into my twenties.  Foundation was just foundation to me.  With the rise of YouTube beauty vlogging and the overall rise and interest in the beauty industry, I quickly became a self-taught makeup enthusiast and chief tester at Les Naly.

After much research, I now switch between dewy and matte depending on the "look" I want to achieve and very often the occasion.  At work, I prefer to wear a dewy makeup-no-makeup look. It helps me look fresh, youthful and not too done up.  For events, and evening occasions, I like the matte look because it's a bit more "done up." I feel a bit fancier with it and it also looks betters in photos in my opinion.

But what is the difference, really? 



Matte makeup was all the rage in 2017. From matte lipstick to matte foundations and even matte nails (oh my!), wearing matte was in.  So what is matte makeup?  Matte makeup is the appearance of a flat and not shiny appearance. It's the anti-glossy look.  That't not to say it looks dusty or makes you look bland. Oh, no.  Matte makeup just gives a pressed powdered look and can be quite sophisticated.




Dewy makeup is more prominent in Asian cultures. Korean beauty, which is totally having a moment right now, is all about dewy finish because of its youthful look.  While matte makeup is flat and not glossy, dewy makeup is like having lightly spritz wetness on.  Dewy can be achieved with the type of foundation you're wearing and also with strategic highlights on the face to accentuate certain parts of the face. Wearing a shiny rosy lip balm will make the look even more dewy looking.


No matter which one you choose to rock, having modest makeup at work is the way to go.  The makeup-no-makeup look is a fresh, youthful and natural approach to makeup that works in all work occasions.

There really are no rules here.  That's what's so fun about makeup!  Sure, there are going to be tons of articles out there touting what you should or shouldn't wear - but we're all about experimentation here.

Do you like to wear dewy or matte makeup finishes?