A Day With: Naly Rice, Founder & CEO at Les Naly

Have you ever wondered what it's like in the day of a digital entrepreneur?

Naly Rice, Founder and CEO at Les Naly started her career working in marketing at a tech startup and eventually found herself as the head of marketing at an electric vehicle charging station company and then a cloud hosting and data center company.

While working in tech, Naly often found herself being the only female and minority executive around a conference table.  She often mentored younger women in the work place on how to get a raise, work ethics, what to wear to work and more.

Those conversations slowly added up and was the spark to create LesNaly.com, a website dedicated to inspiring, motivating and empowering women at work and life.  Combined with her passion for tech marketing and design, Naly launched Les Naly as a digital media and marketing company in 2016. Today, the digital company is a team of 14 spread across the U.S., India and Poland with numerous tech clients and partnerships.

"I'm often working on marketing and design projects for clients and editing pieces for the website," says Naly, sitting on a gray swivel chair in front of an iMac with an open notebook and a white fountain pen in hand. "Having a mixed day works best for me."


The Morning Grind

"I wake up at 7am with Chris and he takes Taco out for potty time while I make coffee and breakfast," Naly says.  Her breakfast favorites include oatmeal with bananas or strawberries, soft scrambled eggs with bacon or a bowl of rice with eggs and a miso soup when there is enough time. After packing lunch for her husband they both get a little play time with Taco to start the morning on an active note.

"I keep makeup minimal during the day, and I like wearing comfortable, versatile and easy pieces," says Naly.  She normally starts her workday at 9am.  "Lately, I've been loving Lilla P's v-neck dresses in black. It's incredibly comfortable and I slip a blazer on if I'm meeting anyone."


Upbeat Afternoon

During her lunch hour, Naly runs errands, walks Taco and grabs some food.  "I firmly believe in taking time off to decompress during my lunch hour.  Getting away from the desk, going outside to catch some sun, grooving to music - it helps me be happier, healthier and more productive," Naly says.

You can listen to Naly's afternoon playlist on Spotify. "I love music of all genres, but I often listen to my feel good playlist on Spotify which puts me in an upbeat and powerful mood," Naly says.  "Good music, paired with a nice walk is enough to lift up anyone's spirit," she says.



"We love grilling and hanging outside in the evenings, but when we're really busy we like eating Vietnamese food at a local place nearby," says Naly. As for other restaurant favorites? "When we're feeling fancy we'll dress up to have drinks and seafood at Loch Bar in the Harbor East neighborhood of downtown Baltimore. They have an amazing seafood bar and the poutine is to die for."

"I take my Lilla P dress from day to casual night by throwing on some heels, gold accessories and a clutch.  I love the slightly sexy, yet understated detail on the back," says Naly.

She keeps things low key in the evenings after dinner.  "We like taking post-dinner walks with our dog, Taco, watching a movie or reading.  Many nights, we sit outside and listen to music and watch boats go by on the bay," Naly says.