Dainty Jewelry Every Woman Needs at Work with a Purpose

I love fine dainty jewelry at work and off-duty.  It goes with everything and is elegant enough to wear with any outfit without seeming overdone.  Small, fine jewelry is considered a trendy item as of late, but there is a good reason to put your bet on this classic staple for any wardrobe - especially when it comes to work wear! We are excited to team up with Purpose Jewelry featuring their handmade jewelry.  As a quick introduction, Purpose Jewelry is a company with handmade jewelry crafted by young women rescued from sex trafficking.  At Les Naly, our mission is to inspire, motivate and empower women at work and in their lives.  When the opportunity to partner came up, I jumped at the chance.  I previously traveled to Bangalore, India as a Marketing Director for a green technology company and have seen women who were sex trafficked first hand on the streets.

It's not a memory that is easy to forget, and when you see these young women in person it's difficult to ignore the reality.  The most astonishing part is that many people believe sex trafficking only happens in places like Asia or Africa, but there are alarming statistics about sex trafficking here in America.  Purpose Jewelry provides freedom, dignity, and hope for these artisans who produce beautiful jewelry pieces.

If you're wearing fine jewelry at work, read more about our tips for incorporating them into your everyday work wear.

Tips for Wearing Dainty Jewelry

Layering Jewelry

Statement jewelry pieces are great, but it's often challenging to pair with other jewelry pieces.  Fine jewelry gives you the opportunity to layer on an outfit without feeling overwhelming.  Layer multiple styles of fine bracelets instead one big statement bangle for a chic and elevated look.  Pair multiple dainty rings on both fingers for a trendier look to bring some edge to your work wear.

Bring focus to the jewelry

Who says fine jewelry can't be the star of the outfit?  Many working women know that the building blocks of a professional wardrobe are the basics.  Sticking to neutral colors and rocking black and nude heels actually stretches your wardrobe further.  Having a neutral palette paves the way for fine jewelry to really stand out.  Think about a jewelry counter - practically all jewelry are set on a neutral backdrop so that the jewelry stands out.

Mixing Metals

You know the old style mantra, "never mix metals."  We're giving you permission to break that - it's more fun breaking the rules anyhow!  It's one of my favorite things to do actually to mix up an outfit in a subtle way.  Pair a gold bangle with silver rings or wear mixed metal earrings for a chic and slightly eccentric look.

Purpose Jewelry is currently running a FREEDOM campaign where they will be sharing videos of their employees, partners and participants around the world asking why they choose to wear freedom.  July 30, 2017, is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and you can become part of the initiative by taking a video or photo with the hashtag #sharefreedom and #wearfreedom.  You'll be entered into a drawing to win $100 Purpose Jewelry gift card.

How do you wear fine dainty jewelry?  What does freedom mean to you?