Best Apps for Money Management


There’s nothing quite like payday. You've worked your butt off for the past few weeks, and now it's time to get rewarded. Now comes the tough decision: should you buy groceries and pay off your credit card? Or should you treat yourself to that gorgeous pair of shoes that you've been eyeing for the past month? Choosing between wants and needs is a constant battle that can, unfortunately, result in major financial losses if you're not careful. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can't spend money the way you'd like. It just means that you have to be a smart spender.

Check out our picks for the best apps for money management:

Money Apps

Mint This free app ticks off every box in terms of overseeing your finances. Mint conveniently allows you to access your personal bank accounts, set up bill reminders, check your credit score, and monitor your investments. It also encourages you to set up a monthly budget and sorts your spending into an easy-to-read pie chart.

Pocket Expense – Personal Finance Assistant Pocket Expense is a similar contender to Mint. It stores your bank and card information, and it helps you track your expenses and budgets. It also tracks the days you've spent money. If you still can't seem to manage your money while having a finance assistant in your pocket, then it might be time to reevaluate.

My Data Manager If you’re a Netflix fanatic, Youtuber, or if you're just addicted to social media, then you’ve probably dealt with overage fees numerous amounts of times if you're not on an unlimited data plan. My Data Manager will actually track the data you’re using and send you alarms to warn you that you’re nearing your limit. It can track your data usage whether it be via mobile, Wi-Fi, or roaming, and it can be set up between multiple devices so that those on family plans can see who is using the most data.

Money Journal Lite This comprehensive app is set up in a way that looks like a personal agenda or organizer. Besides being simple to navigate and pleasant to look at, it’s also extremely handy! Money Journal Lite monitors your income while tracking what you spend on your credit card or debit card. It also lets you compare your spending month-to-month to see if your spending habits have changed. You can even enter your own data for an extra thorough analysis.

Foreceipt Receipt Manager for Google Drive Whether you own your own business or just like to hang onto your receipts for extra security, it can become chaotic when all of those paper receipts begin to add up. This app allows you to hang onto a digital version of your receipt to track your spending. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and enter the details accordingly. The best part about this app is that it syncs to Google Drive, which means you can virtually access your receipts anywhere at any time.

Saving is difficult and trying to record your spending can be confusing. You can start by creating a budget and monitoring your spendings. Who knows? You might just start seeing your savings account grow right before your eyes! If you've never used a money app before, then give it a try. They might just change the way you view money management.

What's your favorite money management app?