My Beauty & Makeup Story

[column_left] [/column_left] [column_right] I don't claim to be a beauty blogger or have any expert skills at doing makeup.  I love makeup as much as every woman, but I'm not a fanatic.

My detachment to makeup products unfolded back in 2009 when I went to study abroad (sold all my stuff on Craigslist and said goodbye) in Sydney, Australia.

Pre-Sydney, I was a huge fan of makeup, skincare, body lotions from luxury to drugstore.  I had an enormous collection of items and needed those organizing drawers from Ikea to fit it all in.  My friends would come to me for makeup advice and/or for me to apply makeup on them.  There were lipstick shades of all kinds in every drawer.  Every night was my pick when it came to beauty products, and I had a large supply of Asian and American skincare brands. [/column_right]

I was a beauty addict until I started traveling and realized that I didn't need those things anymore.

The realization happened after a great year-long stay in Sydney.

I was an international student there and it wasn't easy to acclimate to such a large city on the other side of the world.  Over the course of time, I made such great friends, had a boyfriend and a good job to balance out my school studies.  I lived very minimally because I didn't make much money, I really wasn't allowed to with my visa.

I also lived in a small apartment with these Chinese girls who were also working and going to school at my university.  Being selective about what I had, what I could carry was a big deal due to limited space.

I was also in a very different state-of-mind.  Hungry for adventure, enlightenment, and self-fulfillment I was really considerate about not buying 'things.'  I didn't have much, but I loved living in Sydney and exploring all its neighborhoods and festivals. To give you an example of how much I wanted enlightenment, I became a vegetarian for most of my stay there.

Upon my much dreaded return to the States, I was very nervous about going back home.  I had really built a new life out there and had to leave it all behind.  There were plenty of people I knew who extended their visa stays, or literally, became an Australian citizen.  However, I had no choice but to return.  The next semester I was graduating and had to attend it back home.

When I returned home to my big Ikea drawers it was a crazy shock.  I couldn't believe all the makeup, skincare, hair, and nail products I had.

I managed to live a year without all my beauty stuff, and honestly, I didn't miss any of it.

I went through each drawer and started getting more and more mellow about being back home and having so much crap.  It wasn't just beauty, it was clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.  I did myself a favor and gave my stuff away to friends and family.  Anything left that wasn't a 'must-have' was immediately trashed.

I felt so free and weightless. 

Ever since then, I have just been really good about purchasing 'must-haves' and not going over-board.

I really focus on spending money on experiences and not things.

Having that motto helped me be more edited in my purchases from handbags to makeup to home items.  Today, I have one drawer for makeup products only and one drawer for skincare products only.  I'm also very keen on keeping track of when to throw products away because they do expire.

That's my beauty story...

+   +   +

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I purchased the beauty products in the photos.  I've discovered my new favorite brand - Cyber Colors.  Their Brow-chitec Gel is the best I've ever used for blend-ability and long-lasting qualities.  The concealer kit and stick provides medium to high coverage and is very soft and creamy.

I also purchased the Digital Memory Liner from Kate Tokyo.  So far, I'm really loving it and it is very easy to use.  The liner has a felt tip that is pliable but sturdy which makes it very easy to apply on the eye with precision.

Brow Lash EX is from a Japanese beauty company and it is literally like eyeliner for your brows.  I'm not a fan of this because it's quite difficult to achieve a full yet natural brow.   Lastly, there is the Laneige BB Cushion Compact which I love.  The cushion is inside the compact - no brushes!  The coverage is also light to medium which is perfect for me.


Photo Credit: Naly Rice