Add Holiday Cheer To Your Work Desk in 7 Easy Steps


It's finally the holidays....but it doesn't necesarrily feel like it at your desk. Don't be blue! With just a few small decor tweaks, you can celebrate the holidays every time you sit down at your desk. While a chic cubicle never gets old, you need to get a little festive every now and then with holiday desk decor. Check out these ideas and choose one (or five) for your desk. Whether you're a DIY maven or a sophisticated shopper, you'll find great options to celebrate the season right from your desk. [bctt tweet="Get Festive with 7 Easy Ideas for Holiday Desk Decor!" username="les_naly"]


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1. Showcase a Mini Tree

With this mini tree, you'll be able to celebrate the holidays in a perfectly understated way. If you're anxious about your holiday decor standing out, this is a great option. Plus, greenery is good for you! There are all kinds of benefits to having live plants on your desk. Who doesn't need a little more oxygen? If you're going for your career zone of genius, this little bit of holiday decor may actually help you out. Of course, your mini tree doesn't have to be real if you don't have a green thumb. Pick a real or fake tree to get the holidays going!


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2. Show Off Snowflakes

Love to make snowflakes? Bring them to your desk! A few snowflakes strung on a clear string are a great way to welcome in winter. Live somewhere warm? This is the perfect way to get into the spirit, even if it's still hot outside. Make them yourself for a fun winter craft or pick up some inexpensive snowflakes at the store. This holiday desk decor idea is super flexible. You can make colorful snowflakes, big snowflakes, or really small snowflakes and put them whereever you'd like on your desk.


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3. Pick Pinecones

Bring a little bit of the winter season in with cute pinecones. This holiday desk decor is something you can easily DIY or pick up at the store. If you use a little silver or while spray paint, you can bring some snow indoors too! This little winter desk decor idea is a great option for even the most basic work environment. It's as simple as picking up a pincone off the ground and turning it into your decor. Voila!


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4. Add Some Pumpkins

Aren't these pumpkins adorable? Find a few fake pumpkins at the store and slip them right in with your desk decor for cuteness all winter long. You can even make a design on your pumpkins with a gold or silver permanent marker for a sophisticated touch. Make sure they're fake so you won't have any mold on your hands. This little holiday desk decor addition is a subtle way to enjoy the season.


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5. Bring a Pillow

Make your chair more comfortable and add a little holiday style with a sophisticated throw pillow. This one little touch can make your desk so much more welcoming. Find the pillow of your choice and grab some hot chocolate. You're going to have the coziest desk in town! I love this idea because it's so versatile. You can choose any pillow your heart desires. You could even rotate styles for the seasons.


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6. Paint Mason Jars

Besides being ulta-trendy, mason jars are a great way to show your holiday spirit. Paint them whatever color your heart desires and add a little winter bouqet. How cute is that? These would be super easy to make with a quick trip to your local craft store. You could even have mason jars for every season! If you get creative and make it so it's easy to change our for each holiday, you'll save money and get more out of what you've made. Can't you see this in a Joanna Gaines house? Show off your farmhouse style at work with this simple holiday office decor.

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7. Design Your Chalkboard

A customizable chalboard sign can be a really fun office decor piece. You could switch it out to your favorite holiday quote or song phrase every single week! If you're in a creative position, this can be a really fun idea. And for those of you who aren't so creative, you can purchase a chalkboard sign that already has writing on it. Chalkboards have really been trending over recent years. Stay in style and celebrate the holidays with this simple decor idea.

What is your holiday office decor? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!