8 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself


We can get so distracted by work and all the items on our to-do list that it's easy to forget to reconnect with yourself. This simple practice can bring you so much happiness. You are an amazing human being at your very core. With these 8 ideas, you can reconnect with yourself and reach the amazing potential within you.


Take a few minutes with your journal to write down what you love about yourself. You don't have to just journal about what happened in your day! Write about things that make you happy, lessons you've learned, or people you love.

2. Go on a Walk

Get outside in a peaceful place and simply admire the world around you. We can get so lost in our day to day life that we forget the beauty around us. Whether you walk or run, it doesn't matter. Make your focus enjoying the strength in your body and the beauty in this world.

3. Unplug

No matter where you are, unplug and experience your life as it truly is. This is a practice of mindfulness. Whether you're doing the dishes, hanging out in the living room, or going to work. Be with yourself instead of silencing everything in favor of what's on your iPhone.

4. Reminisce

Think about some of your favorite memories and smile! Good memories can bring happiness for years to come. Consider a silly moment with your friend or a heartfelt talk with a loved one. Even thinking about one person's love for you can lift your spirits and remind you of the joy of being you.

5. Do Something You Love

Reconnect with yourself by spending time doing activities you love. Maybe it's painting or hiking or playing an instrument. Whatever it is, make time for it. We can forget to do the things we truly love because of how focused we are on getting things done, but spending time recharging and reconnecting is one of the smartest things we can do.

6. Meditate

There are some incredibly powerful meditations that actually help you reconnect with yourself. Sometimes these meditations will guide you through your feelings, other times they'll guide you through your dreams. To reconnect with who you truly are, give guided meditation a try. Some of my favorites come from Lisa Fabrega.

7. Push Your Body

When you really push your body physically, you see what you're capable of accomplishing. This show of physical strength also reveals your mental strength. Get out there and do more than you would usually do. Rock climb, ski, kayak. Engage in any activity that pushes you to your physical limits.

8. Make a Vision Board

Reconnect with yourself and your desires by creating a vision board. If you feel like you haven't been in control of your life and you've come to a place that you never desired to be, pump your creative juices into a vision board that lights you up.

What makes you feel most alive? Share it with us in the comments below and go do it!