8 Reasons Why Solo Traveling Will Help You Discover Yourself

Making the decision to travel solo is exhilarating, intimidating, and time consuming. It’s the decision to embark on an adventure into the unknown—all by yourself. Some people live for traveling, but for those just beginning or venturing solo for the first time it can be scary.

Here are 8 reasons why solo traveling will help you to discover yourself.


When you travel with somebody you share the responsibility. Who is bringing what, who is going to take the lead on finding accommodations, flight info, etc. When you travel solo the responsibility is 100% on you. This allows you to learn how to take ownership for your thinking and your actions—something that will help you in all aspects of life.


This one is obvious but solo traveling teaches you to be independent; financially, emotionally, and physically. No one else will have your back on this adventure, so you learn to stand on your own two feet.



We’ve all heard the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and it’s true! When you’re alone and away from everybody you know, you’ll begin to realize who matters most to you. This will come in the form of thinking of them often, sending letters, or just missing them terribly. You learn to value the ones you love and hold them closer once you’ve returned.


When you told everyone you were going to travel solo did they think you were crazy? Once you’ve proved to yourself you can do what you set your mind to your confidence will sky rocket as you realize you are capable of so much.

Finding Your Voice

It’s easy to send a friend to ask the questions you aren’t comfortable asking. When you’re alone it’s up to you to speak up whether it’s ordering food in another language, speaking your mind, or saying something to that special someone that caught your eye.


It’s incredible how different parts of the world live in comparison. When you travel you’re bound to see images that you wish you didn’t; homeless people, hungry children, and the list goes on. Though this is painful, it reminds you to be grateful for everything you have, especially the fact that you have the ability and resources to make this trip in the first place.


It makes sense that if you travel solo you are acting individually. However, in society it’s easy to conform to the expectations of the company that you keep, and you can often lose sight of who you are. By being in an unfamiliar place by yourself, you’ll begin to gain and understand your true identity.


Different climates and landscapes provide the opportunity for various activities and sports. For example, in Hawaii you can surf. In the U.S. and Canada you can play hockey. In Mumbai you can play cricket. Going to new places allows you to try new things and you may just come across a new hobby that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Traveling is a life changing experience. You meet new people, try new foods, and take part in an adventure of the unknown. Though it can be intimidating and scary it’s important to keep in mind that this is the time to find yourself and live in the moment.

Have you traveled anywhere by yourself?

If so, what was the experience like and what would you do differently given what you know now?