8 Insanely Easy and Clever Office Decor Ideas


What better way to brighten your work day than clever office decor ideas that will put a smile on your face! Get ready to reinvigorate your productivity and actually look forward to sitting at your desk. An inspiring desk means more inspiring work from you. Whether your office is at home or in a corporate workplace, check out these ideas and start with just one to create the office decor of your dreams. [bctt tweet="8 Insanely Easy + Clever Office Decor Ideas to Brighten Your Work Day" username="les_naly"]


Source: Ideas and Works on Tumblr

1.Create Art with Masking Tape

Save yourself the expenses of a big painting and frame by creating life-size art out of masking tape. The world is your oyster when it comes to this of all office decor ideas. Choose a design that reflects what you do or go abstract for constant inspiration.



Source: All Things Bright and Beautiful

2. Cover the Walls

Yes, that is the lovely Jenna Lyons. This is especially for you creative, visually-inspired types. Take your inspiration to the walls and create a colorful work of art. Don't like the walls in your office? That's no problem for this decor idea. Get out your most inspiring magazine and start stripping pages for your new desk decor.


Source: Pinterest

3. Keep Books on Hand

If you're constantly referencing books for your work, keep them on your desk and get visually pleasing versions if you can. You could also keep your favorite fun books to read by your desk so you can pull them out whenever you want a break! The idea is to think about books as office decor. Get creative and find a nice place to show off your bookish style.


Source: Awwwards Magazine

4. Write on the Walls

If you're more inspired by words than pictures, go for a chalkboard background to get down all your ideas. You could write yourself a new motivational quote idea. Whether you're artistic or more of a wordsmith, you can make your chalkboard wall completely your own. Make your office decor ideas unique to your personality!


Source: Betahoome

5. Add Pops of Color

You don't need to cover your workspace in color to make a big impact. If you're in the workplace, bring in objects with bright pops of colors. They can work perfectly with the neutral colors that so many companies use in their space. Did you know certain colors can increase your creativity? It's true. With colorful elements on your desk, you can even help yourself deal with anxiety at work. It's a win-win!


Source: The Crafted Life

6. DIY Your Mouse Pad

Ok, you can do this one no matter where you work. Choose a pattern you like and mod podge it onto a mouse pad. It's so easy! If you haven't used mod podge before, you're going to have a lot of fun. This will bring you back to collaging as a kid. You might just want to use it on everything :). Go to the fabric store and have a blast choosing something that will inspire you. You could even get extra and make more DIY mouse pads so you could change out designs or give them away as gifts.


Source: Habitissimo

7. Think Big

Sometimes you really do need to go big to make a big impact. If you don't really want to spend the time on a number of different office decor ideas, focus on one big thing. I love the big frame in this picture. I mean, way to inspire out of the box, big thinking! You could also use this same principle with one big photo print or work of art. It's up to you and your tastes, but it definitely doesn't need to be hard.


Source: Buzzfeed

8. Multi-Task with Accessories

Let's end off with an oldie but a goodie. How can you make the most of your desk accessories without overwhelming your space? I think we've got the answer. Keep your phone at hand and breathe in a little fresh plant air with this cute little multi-use charging stand. Bam. Life-changed. But really, this is what you want to look for when you want clever office decor ideas that are really going to make a difference. You know how balancing your love life and career is such a challenge? Well balancing your desk decor doesn't have to be. Keep in mind mult-functional accessories that also look good! I think I've got a pretty good example for you here :)

Do you have any office decor ideas you love? Share them with us in the comments below!