8 Habits for Success


If you are what you do, then your habits matter much more than you think. We all want to be successful, but how do we become successful? Start by practicing habits that lead to more productive and fulfilling lives.

8 Habits for Success:

1. Set Actionable Goals

"I want to be successful" is a vague goal. You have to break down your ultimate goal into actionable goals. How are you going to achieve success? If you want to earn a six-figure salary as CEO of your own company, then your actionable goals should be to open your company, offer a valuable in-demand product or service, and then generate x amount of revenue in order to pay your desired salary. You can break down each goal further into subgoals. Goals should be clearly defined and attainable through action. If you can't act on the goal, then it's not a practical goal.

2. Embrace Challenges

Successful people don't shy away from challenges. They face challenges head-on, and they find ways to overcome challenges. Next time you're facing a challenge, don't shrink away from it no matter how impossible or daunting the challenge seems. Instead, analyze the problem, and create solutions for the problem. If one solution fails, then try another. Challenges are opportunities to learn, grow, and overcome.

3. Reduce Multitasking

There's a misconception that multi-tasking leads to higher productivity. What we think of multitasking is actually the ability to balance priorities, which isn't necessarily the same as multi-tasking. While you may be able to take a phone while you reply to an email, your attention is divided between the two tasks, and you may not be able to accomplish both tasks with equal attention and detail. Rather than multi-tasking, focus on single-tasking instead. Complete one task, and then, complete the next. That way, you're mindful about how you apply your time and energy, and you're not compromising the quality of your work in any one area.

4. Set Boundaries for Work/Life Balance

Successful people know that it's important to balance their professional and personal lives. What good is success if you can't even enjoy your life outside of work? Set boundaries for how and when you work, and then honor those boundaries. There's a misperception that successful people are workaholics, which isn't necessarily true. Successful people are just better at managing their time. Learn to manage your time effectively so that you can make room for success even when you're not working.

5. Take Personal Time Off

Successful companies know that it's important to provide their employees with personal time off for self-rejuvenation and self-improvement. After all, happy employees are productive employees, right? Yes, well, unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma with taking personal time off at work. Either, we're not provided enough PTO so we're stingy with our PTO requests, or we're afraid that taking PTO makes us look like we're self-indulgent and less dedicated than our coworkers. Either way, we're not utilizing PTO, and it's hurting us. Overworking does not equal higher productivity. If anything, overworking is harmful and unmotivating.

6. Take Care of Your Health

As a nation of aspiring overachievers, we tend to value our health second only to our work. However, we need to be in good health in order to do good work. Think about it. How are you going to perform well at your job if you're not in optimal shape or health? Take care of yourself. Eat healthy. Be active. Get enough sleep. No line of work is worth risking your own health.

7. Practice Gratitude

Work hard, and stay humble. Success is earned through hard work and grit. It's never just handed to us on silver platters. Celebrate your success, but never take it for granted. Never assume that you're entitled to success, and never assume that your success is everlasting. Nothing lasts forever. Always practice gratitude, and success will always taste that much sweeter.

8. Keep an Open Mind

Keep an open mind about everything. Be open to new ideas, changes, and possibilities. When you're open and receptive, you're full of positive energy that attracts elements of success -- whether it's new friends, new employment opportunities, or maybe even new chances to change your life and the lives of others around you.

Do you believe that habits lead to success? Tell us about your own habits for success.