7 Office Style Icons for Your Most Fashionable Workwear

Big plans for your career this year? Make the best impression with fashionable workwear that takes you that much closer to achieving your goals. When you're looking sharp, chic, and professional, you'll have the confidence and energy to take the next step toward what you want. Plus, people can't help but take someone seriously in a wicked sharp blazer. But how do you know where to start when it comes to fashionable workwear? This is where our lovely style icons come into play. When you find the right inspiration, you'll know exactly what kind of style you want to embody. Take a look at the chic style icons below and see what looks resonate most with you. With the right vision in mind, you might already have what you need in your own closet!

1. Rosie Huntington-Whitely


Source: E! Online

This woman knows chic. With picture after picture of her polished, professional looks there's no doubting her office style inspiration. Rosie is the queen of monochrome. She can be seen in a countless number of all black and all white looks. Take a cue from her and pull yourself together in a well-fitted, monochrome look. She has a pretty clear color scheme she sticks to - black, white, gray, and khaki with a few touches of color. Pick your own color scheme of colors you know you rock and go conquer the world!

2. Jenna Lyons


Source: How to Spend it

Depending on your industry, you can sometimes get away with really showing off your personality and personal style. Especially those in creative spaces, like Jenna Lyons (former Creative Director and President for J Crew), showing a bit of fun and eclectic style is essential. From a quick search of Jenna's looks, you'll find surprising combinations that come together effortlessly. If it's appropriate for your position, play a little on the wild side and really let yourself come through. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

3. Chriselle Lim


Source: Vogue Mexico

Chriselle Lim is an insanely fashionable stylist and blogger of the Chriselle Factor where she shares loads of work style inspiration. Her style takes fashion to a whole new level of sleekness. Check out her blog and you'll even find out where she shops for those sleek fashionable workwear pieces. Find your style and find your career zone of genius. What better way to get to the top?

4. Audrey Hepburn


Source: The Berry

Your office style icons don't have to be current. Audrey Hepburn is a classic beauty that will inspire fashion for decades. Take her style to the workplace with prim and elegant looks that keep all the attention on you and your amazing work. You can almost always find Audrey in a chic but simple hairstyle, black crew neck top, and fitted capri pant with a prim makeup look. She knows what looks good and sticks to it. Go classic with your office style with inspiration from Audrey.

5. Meghan Markle


Source: Career Girl Daily

What says polished and professional more than a princess? Royal aspect aside, this woman knows fashionable workwear. From her time on Suits, Meghan knows the power of a posh pencil skirt. Tailored and perfectly sharp are the tenants of her office style. Take a cue from this style icon and know when to splurge on your business attire and when it's better to save. With a closet of pencil skirts, button-ups, and prim jackets you'll be ready to embody this chic star.

6. Victoria Beckham


Source: Daily Mail

This British beauty knows how to pull off bombshell in the poshest way possible. In fashionable workwear, it's important to balance showing off your figure and not showing too much. We're going for a tasteful style that celebrates who you are. Victoria Beckham is a great role model for this very subject. Even with a petite frame, Victoria makes sure her clothes fit well and work for her body type. Plus, she knows the difference between clothes for a night out on the town and professional day wear. You can even check out her own line, Victoria Beckham, for inspiration.

7. Kerry Washington


Source: Who What Wear

If you're spending your Thursday nights watching Kerry Washington, hopefully, you're keeping an eye on her clothes because they can serve as amazing inspiration. Her alter ego, Olivia Pope, certainly knows how to mix business and pleasure. Because of that, you'll find her in some spectacular business casual looks. How do you pull off professional during your downtime? Look no further. This style icon will inspire you with perfect combinations of no-fuss and fashionable.

What is your office style? Who inspires you? Share with us your answers in the comments below!