6 Podcasts Guaranteed to Make Your Work Commute Better


Podcasts will change your life.

There, I said it.

And I completely believe it's true. I have learned incredible things from listening to podcasts and have made amazing changes in my life because of that. So what are you waiting for? Podcasts are the school of life. They teach everything from business to novel writing to travel and more. These 6 podcasts are my go-to picks for any drive over 5 minutes. Because no one likes those five minute long commercials on the radio.

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1.The Life Coach School

This is my number 1 favorite of all the podcasts I listen to. Brooke Castillo is a master life coach and teacher and in this podcast, she teaches amazing things like how to control your thoughts to be able to feel what you want to feel, how to create passion in your life, how to conquer fear, and so much more. This podcast is seriously like school for your mental health and it is a critical piece in my recipe for a perfect day.

2. Radically Loved

If you're looking for good vibes on your way to work, Radically Loved is the way to go. Rosie Acosta, an amazing yoga teacher, and health coach hosts the show and has on mindfulness and wellness thoughts leaders like Simon Sinek (probably my favorite episode) and Mastin Kipp. She shares so many different perspectives on wellness from scientific approaches to a yoga point of view. Rosie herself is pretty amazing going on retreats to Thailand and yoga tours around the states. If you're looking to get inspired and live a healthier, happier life one powerful interview at a time, I wholeheartedly recommend Radically Loved.

3. The Mystery Show

I am using no embellishment whatsoever when I say that The Mystery Show is one of the greatest podcasts of all time. In The Mystery Show, Starlee Kine solved mysteries like the height of Jake Gyllenhaal and the origins of a fascinating belt buckle. Someone would come to her with a random mystery and she would call around, investigate, and simply solve it. What amazed me about The Mystery Show was Starlee herself. She has this fascinating skill where she can just talk to anyone and find stuff out about them. I mean, she was on the phone with a bookstore clerk and learned that the woman's family had won the lottery, but she didn't want to take money from her parents to go on her dream trip. Starlee is my personal hero. Unfortunately, the podcast was discontinued, but Starlee is working out plans to bring it back on her own, so listen and support Starlee in hopes of more! P.S. If you aren't convinced, you should know that iTunes voted The Mystery Show the Best Podcast of The Year, so mic drop.

4. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a podcast about design, but even if you have nothing to do with design in your career or personal life, this is a podcast you will want to check out. The point of the podcast is to shed light on the design in our lives that we don't notice. Like, revolving doors. I will always remember what I learned from their episode about revolving doors. You see, they aren't just there to be annoying. They are there to save the environment and control the climate inside a building. And that's why you should listen to 99% Invisible, to learn amazing things about the way we live our lives that you would never normally think about. And maybe one day you'll win a game of trivia because of it or you'll just sound really smart.

5. One Part Podcast

This is another one of those podcasts for the health/wellness-interested lady. Jessica Murnane is a blogger turned cookbook author who has guests on to talk about healthy living, modern lifestyles, and overall goodness. In fact, she has a weekly segment called "Things That Freaked My Week" which is basically exactly how it sounds. Jessica is so personable and honest that listening to One Part Podcast is like chatting with your BFF. I totally recommend going back and listening to her previous episodes when you're in for a good drive.

6. The Marie Forleo Podcast

This one is for the boss babes. If you spend your free time thinking about how to build your #girlboss brand or kickstart your side hustle, The Marie Forleo Podcast is for you. Marie is a staple for every entrepreneur, but I think she can help just about anyone. The podcast comes from her award-winning video series Marie TV, making it so much easier to digest her content while you're on the go. This podcast is a fairly new thing for the entrepreneurial empress, but I'm already hooked. Marie shares incredible thoughts on going for your passion, selling your stuff, and all around being a boss.

What is your favorite podcast? I want to listen! Share it with me in the comments below.