6 Books That Will Increase Your Happiness at Work

When you feel unhappy with your work, pause for just one second. What are you thinking? You might hear "No one cares about my work," or "This is pointless," or my personal favorite, "A monkey could do this." If you don't pay attention to what you're thinking and work on your mindset, you're going to be unhappy at work. Our minds just automatically go to negativity. But if you do your research and learn better tools and techniques to manage your thoughts, you can actually increase your happiness at work. I have personally read all these books and they have been a major part of changing my mindset and enjoying more about what I do. Pick one out and give it a try yourself! We all know that when we increase our happiness at work, we do better work and have more success because of it. That's just what you need for your next promotion or career move.

1. Year of Yes

Ever watched Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, or How to Get Away with Murder? I'm guessing your answer is yes, if not see Netflix. These shows are the brain children of the amazingly creative Shonda Rhimes. In Year of Yes, Shonda shares her journey of breaking out of her shell and going from misery to complete joy. If that sounds like your kind of prescription, check it out ASAP! Shonda's writing is so fun to read.

2. What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

When you're making the scary transition from college to the real world or if you're still trying to find your place in the office, you're going to want to read What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20. The author, Tina Seelig, teaches at the Stanford Institue of Design, which is pretty famously renowned.  Pair her Ph.D. with a whole lot of fascinating stories and insights, and you've got one really good book.


3. The Big Leap

The number of things you'll learn from The Big Leap is almost innumerable. This rather short book will give you a complete perspective shift when it comes to the way you live your life. Ever find yourself freaking out after a big opportunity or sabotaging yourself unconsciously? In this book, you'll find out why we all do that and how to succeed at higher and higher levels. If you've been trying to find your passion or dream career, this book will help you get more than a few steps closer.

4. Happy For No Reason

This book will not only increase your happiness at work but will boost your joy on every level. Happy For No Reason was written by one of the women behind Chicken Soup for The Soul (Do you remember those books?!). This book is a compilation of the greatest things she's learned about happiness and let me tell you, these principles will rock your world. This is a book I'm going back to over and over again. That's how good it is!


5. Now, Discover Your Strengths

This is probably one of the most traditional career books on this list and it is certainly worth your time. Now, Discover Your Strengths teaches incredible ways to improve your unique strengths to take your career to the next level. When you get this book, you have to get it new, okay? The coolest part about it is the strength's finder quiz. It tells you all these fascinating strengths you have and gives you unique ways to use them in your work and daily life to improve everything you do. Feel like you're an imposter at work? Discover your strengths and you'll be able to feel more confident about the great value you provide. If you're at all a fan of personality quizzes and such, this one was made for you.

6. The Artist's Way

While this book was created with creatives in mind, it pretty much applies to any job where you need to think of new ideas and solve problems. The Artist's Way is referenced by so many successful entrepreneurs and musicians, it is incredible. That's what had me picking up this book. So many people talked about it! With its textbook-like format, it almost feels like you're in the school of life, taking notes and doing homework assignments on how to live your life as a creative. I also appreciate that you can take what you learn and figure out what works for you. Whether or not you consider yourself a creative, you will learn a ton of exercises to turn on your inner creativity.

What books have increased your happiness at work? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!