5 Zen Tips for Your Desk That Will Jump Start Your Freelance Success


Are you ready to take your work to the next level, but feel like something is holding you back? Do you ever sit down and feel so sluggish and unmotivated? Whether you're looking to jumpstart your freelance career or make that next promotion, clearing your desk space and organizing your zen can get you where you want to go faster. Just like how your brain can get lost in Facebook or Instagram, you can get distracted by the chaos on your desk. Take a look at your desk right now and evaluate it for yourself. Does it seem like it would help you work better and reach freelance success? Or does it make you want to go curl up on the couch?

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If your desk space doesn't make you feel like creating your best work, it's time to change.

1. Take Everything Off and Deep Clean

It doesn't feel good to work at a dust-covered desk with remnants of stains and carbonated drinks. Take everything off your desk and get at it with a towel and soap or a wet wipe. Make it shine! You have no idea how much peace this will bring to your soul. Think about all that your desk has been through: coffee breaks, quick lunches, sneezes. Wipe it all down. Even your drawers.

You may even want to consider getting an air purifier or humidifier to make your working environment more comfortable and clean. Take a minute to think about how you can improve the cleanliness and quality of your desk space.

2. Find YOUR Zen

Zen is a way of living that is minimalist, intimate, and meaningful. Look at all the things you had on your desk before and take them through those categories. Is that stuffed animal collection minimalist? Does your tape collection feel intimate and personal? Are your stacks of files meaningful? This zen criteria will help you figure out what you really want on your desk.

Minimalist can mean different things to different people, but what does it mean to you? It probably at least means that your desk isn't hidden under papers and trinkets. Keep this in mind as you decide what goes back on your desk. Choose objects that you love and mean something to you, but be picky about what goes back.

3. Remove Attention-Grabbers

While that modern art piece of paint splashes may have been exciting at first, it's kind of just distracting. Go through your desk decor and take out everything that incessantly grabs your attention. It might be the stapler with the crazy design or your collection of bobbleheads.

This practice relates to the zen belief of flow. Anything that stops the flow of your mind and inhibits your imagination should go. Imagine that these attention-grabbing objects are trapping your creativity and brain power in their boldness. Let them go and see what happens to the quality of your work. You might have to replace a busy, exciting print with something more peaceful. Isn't it worth your career or freelance success?

4. Utilize Storage

Having a hard time getting rid of stuff that used to cover your desk? That's okay. Find a creative and organized way to keep the things you love without letting them clutter your desk. First, make sure that your things aren't on a shelf where you can see them. Put them away in a drawer or file. You want this stuff out of sight and out of mind.

Consider getting a desk organizer that will help you keep your drawers clearly organized. This is especially helpful when you need quick access to your things, but don't want them out on your desk. You don't need your desk supplies on constant display. When you put them away, you can have a clearer desk, and a clearer, more productive mind. How simple is this productivity hack!

5. Create Space on Your Desk

Zen is often about less, but you can think about it as more. More space. More space on your desk and more creativity in your work. Make it a rule that you have space between the things on your desk. Don't let things get too crowded. This will help you avoid overloading your desk with things that don't mean anything to you.

The point of zen is to live in the moment and to be completely present. How can you do that when you're constantly distracted by the pile of stuff on your desk? Clear it out and make your desk decor more thoughtful to boost your productivity and reach the success you dream of for yourself.

What makes your desk feel zen? Do you have a dream zen desk? Tell us all about it!