5 Tips on Finding Your Signature Beauty Look


Just as every woman needs a signature personal style, she also needs a signature beauty look. We love makeup, just as much as the next girl, but on a daily basis, we tend to gravitate towards one look—our signature beauty look. A signature beauty look compliments your best features and makes you feel at home in your own skin. It makes you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Here are 5 tips to help you find your signature beauty look:

  1. Think about your best beauty moments. Do you feel your best when you’re all dolled up and dressed to the nines for a special occasion? Or do you feel best when you’re all natural – sporting just dewy skin, lip balm, and a touch of mascara? Think about those times, and incorporate them into your signature look. A bold cat-eye liner might be too strong for the office, but consider a subtler version with a smaller wing. For the naturally fresh ladies – take it up a notch, and add a touch of cream blush for a flush of healthy color.
  2. Work inside your comfort zone. If you’re not a fan of bright lipstick, then don’t force it. It’ll just make you feel uncomfortable, and it’ll show. Now, if there’s a look that you admire, then by all means, give it a try! If you lust after the smoky-eye look but aren’t sure if it’s for you, then try out a softer version—deep browns, light browns and taupe. Test out a new lip color by dabbing it on lightly and see how it makes you feel. If it doesn’t make you like 100%, then don’t go for it. Life’s too short to spend it wearing makeup that makes you feel any less than 100%.
  3. Play up your favorite features. Perhaps you have gorgeous doe-eyes, and you'd like to play them up. Make eyeliner your best friend, and try out eyeshadow shades that compliment your eye color. If you have full and luscious lips, then draw attention to them with a bold lip color or lip tint. Want to play up your cheekbone structure? Blush and bronzer are your best friends! If you’re not sure what your favorite feature is, then ask yourself: which feature do you receive the most compliments on?
  4. Decide how much time you want to spend on your beauty routine. Let’s be real. If you’re a late sleeper, then you’re not going to skip the snooze button just for mascara. Or if you share a bathroom in the mornings, then you’re not going to get all the mirror time you want. Be realistic about how much time you want to spend on your beauty routine each day, and develop a routine that works for your schedule. If you’re always rushing out the door, then stock up on multipurpose beauty products. Or maybe you’d rather wait until you arrive at the office to spend a few minutes on your beauty look. Do whatever works for your schedule.
  5. Consider your budget. As much as we love makeup, we’re not going to break the bank for it either. Finding a signature beauty look means defining how much time and money you’re willing to spend on beauty. For some of us, Sephora is our second home. For others, we’re all about drugstore products and prices. You don’t necessarily have to choose between high-end cosmetics or drugstore deals. You can strike a happy compromise by splurging on a few high-end products while hitting up the drugstore for basic essentials. It's possible to have a signature look on any budget!

You'll look your best when you take care of yourself. Beauty starts from within, and when you take care of yourself, it shows through your signature beauty look. Eat healthy. Be active. Sleep well. Take time for yourself. After all, there’s nothing more beautiful than a happy and healthy woman.