5 Things to Accomplish Before 9 A.M. For a Perfect Day


[column_left] [/column_left] [column_right] Has your morning routine become one of stressed-out sighs and races to get out the door. It's time to re-evaluate your habits. Do these 5 things before 9 am and you'll feel better all day long. Happiness doesn't just come at 5 o'clock. It starts the moment you wake up. Make it a point to reflect on your morning routine for the next couple of days and see how it makes you feel once you get to work. Then, implement at least one thing from this list and see how much better your days are. Your morning routine doesn't have to leave you drained. It can be so much more!

1.Listen to Music

You do the same things over and over for your morning routine. Styling your hair can get really annoying after weeks and weeks of doing it over and over again. Lighten the mood and give your brain something else to focus on with music. Studies show that music can make you smarter, boost energy, and adjust your attitude.

[/column_right] Let's face it, the morning is just so much better with Beyonce (or Blake Shelton, if that's your thing). Change it up based on the day you have ahead of you and get pumped for an important meeting or relaxed for the weekend.

2. Keep Your Resolution

Keeping your New Year's resolutions can be challenging months into the year. Any goal you set is going to be difficult because it's something new, but that's where the growth and achievement comes. Do one thing to move toward your resolution during your morning routine each day, and you'll start your day with success. Checking something awesome off your to-do list before 9 am is incredibly rewarding. Decide how you'll work toward your goal every day and do that in your morning routine!

3. Find Your Focus

Your mind can be a mess in the morning if you don't intentionally focus it on what you want. Instead of watching the news or scrolling through your feed, do something that will help you find your focus. Get lost in a good book, meditation, painting, or whatever is your thing for fifteen minutes, and you'll get rid of the stress that seems to plague mornings.

4. Think of What You Love

While we're getting ready for the day, sometimes all we can think about is the work we have ahead of us and the things we need to do to keep everything under control. But life is so much more than that next meeting and grocery store run. Remind yourself of what truly brings you joy before 9 am every day and you'll be so much happier! Start making a list each morning of the things you're grateful for, the things you love in your life. Gratitude can even make you more productive.

5. Connect with Loved Ones

Social media can be used for good in your morning routine if you're careful about it. Connecting with friends and family is one of the most important things we can do in life, but so often 10 pm rolls around and we've completely forgotten to reach out. Studies have shown that your relationships affect the length of your life. Make that positive and send your loved one a quick note before 9 am. You'll both be happier!

What do you love about your mornings? Share your best morning routine move in the comments below.

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