5 Smart Ways to Make New Friends Outside the Office


It can be such a hassle to make new friends outside of your work. While you have all day in the office, you don't have nearly as many hours to focus on after hours friend-making. There is so much research on how having friends improves your life and increases your happiness. In fact, having good friends can extend your life! That is all the more reason to amp up your efforts to make new friends. Once you get yourself out there and find your tribe, spending your after hours time with friends will be all the more fun.

1. Look for Friends Looking for Friends

The first place to look for new friends should be a place where you know other people are looking for friends too. Remember your freshman year in college? It was pretty easy to make new friends because everyone was looking for a new BFF. There has to be somewhere like this in your city. People moving to new places or looking for friends are everywhere. The first place to check are local groups that sound like your tribe. Is there a meetup group or organization for millennial women like you? Some groups like this even plan awesome events like friendsgiving picnics (yep that's a thing) and fashion shows. While the term 'organization' may not sound like it's a place where you can find your new BFFs, you may be surprised.

2. Bumble BFF


If you have a significant other, chances are getting on a dating app to look for friends might seem a little shady, but trust me, you must try Bumble BFF. Download the app and turn your settings to BFF and you won't have anyone hitting on you. Instead, you'll be able to look through the pics and interests of potential BFFs. The app even connects with Spotify to show your favorite music artists. I have personally tried Bumble BFF and met some really cool people.

3. Get Emotionally Involved


When you were in high school, you probably spent time volunteering for your college applications. Now, instead of preparing for college, volunteering can help you make new friends. Check out your local organizations and offer your skills. You never know who you'll meet planning a charity ball or working at the pet shelter. It's a bonus if the non-profit matches with your interests.

4. Rock Local Events


If you haven't found an account or site that lists all the events going on around you, do it right now. I follow this awesome Instagram account (@dallassocial) that shares tons of really cool events going on in my area. The thing is, once you start going to these events, you start to see the same people over and over. Grab your partner or current BFF and hit the town. Start a conversation with someone who looks familiar or someone new!

5. Live Your Dreams


Did you ever dream of being a ballerina? Becoming a yogi? Taking kick-boxing? Dive into your dreams and make new friends doing it. This one has a bonus! You can meet new people who love the things you love and do something you've always dreamed of doing. I took the plunge and found an adult ballet class and let me tell you, it is fantastic.

What friend-making strategy sounds like the most fun to you? Do you have any tips or tricks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.