5 Simple Things You Can Do at the Office To Be Irreplaceable


You've landed that job and now it's time to make it yours for good! But there aren't tests to ace or term papers to turn in. In some cases, it can be difficult just to figure out what your boss is looking for and how to really impress them. The things is that career success doesn't come from paying your dues. It comes from providing value. In this quick guide of 5 simple things you can do at the office to be irreplaceable, you'll get a look into how to add value in a way where you get the credit and the promotions. You've got this!

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1.Ask Your Boss This Important Question

What are the top 3 things I can do to provide you with the most value? If you want to know what will wow your boss, ask them. Once you know what your boss really wants, it's only a matter of breaking that into things you do each day to achieve that.

Your boss won't be impressed that you simply sit at your desk all day. Crushing the tasks that are most important to your boss will really get their attention. Think of your boss as a customer. You want your boss to be blown away by your work because he or she is the key to your goals.

2. Give All You Possibly Can

A secret of the sub-par is that they only give what's asked of them and nothing more. They are focused on checking off the box. Getting things done. That's it.

Want to know what really leads to your success in the office?

Focus everything you do on providing as much value as you possibly can. Forget how much you're getting paid or what you're worth and give it everything.

Everyone in your office will tell the difference between you doing the bare minimum and you giving it everything you've got. And hey, it's most satisfying for you! Of course, you need healthy boundaries with work and life, but what's the harm in giving it a try for 1 week? See what happens. I dare you.

3. Take the Initiative to Start Something New

So you've noticed that your company is missing something. They're doing things really inefficiently or they're not doing anything at all in a certain area. Take initiative and lead a project to change that.

This is a major key to making yourself irreplaceable. If you start something that becomes essential to the business, they need you. Sure, eventually they might be able to train someone to do what you do, but that would take a lot of dollar signs.

Take some time to evaluate your company. Look at what they're missing and brainstorm ideas to fix those problem areas. Then don't be afraid to take the lead and create what needs to be created to fill the gaps. You just might become indispensable.

4. Get Involved in the Innovative

If you can't think of something that your company needs, ask around and get on a team that is doing something new and innovative. Even if you can't take the initiative to start a new project of your own, someone else might be able to. This is where your elevator pitch will come in handy. Use it to show off your know-how and get on an exciting project.

This is where office relationships and your flexibility come in handy. If you're in the middle of a complaining rant, stop and say, "Hey, I wonder how we could fix that." And then listen.

Don't be afraid to take on projects in areas that you aren't familiar with.

Think about it this way, if you are surprising yourself, you're surprising your boss too. If someone else's project interests you and it's in unfamiliar territory, take a leap and convince them to let you in. Pitch how your talents and skills could be helpful.

5. Find a Gap and Learn It

By now, you're getting the point. The people who sit at their desks and do what they're told aren't the ones who are irreplaceable. So you have to do something different. You know what would really stand out? Learning something that no one else knows.

If you are your company's resident expert on a certain subject, they'll want to keep you no matter what.

So go back to the issues you notice with your company. The hiccups or slip-ups where things could be better. If the best solution is something that no one in the office knows anything about, get the education and solve the problem.

You'll be doubly appreciated for your initiative and your knowledge.

It's time to take action. Which of these things will you work toward first? Share your office goal with us in the comments below.