5 Savvy Ways to Get Rid of Clothes You No Longer Want

Frustrated with what's hanging in your closet? Got a huge pile of mall regrets sitting on the floor? Sounds like it's time to get rid of clothes you don't have the time for. But how you go about that depends on your personality. Whether you're a minimalist or a fashionista, you'll want to quell your stuff. Read below to find out the best way for you to get rid of clothes and get on with your life. 

If you just want to be done with it already...go to Goodwill

When that pile of unwanted clothes is driving you straight up crazy, the easiest thing to do is to drive to your local Goodwill (or other donation center) and get rid of clothes you don't want. The process is super easy. You just drive up to Goodwill's donation area and someone will be there to collect your stuff. Sometimes you don't even have to get out of your car! If you're working on eliminating stress in your life, this is the choice for you. Find a Goodwill near you, bag your stuff, and drop it off. Ta-done! The bonus is you're doing good while you get rid of clothes you don't want. Just make sure that your clothes are in pretty good condition. You don't want to dump trash on an organization that's trying to support people around the country. But really, this is about as simple as it gets!


If you want to exchange for new clothes...go to a consignment shop

Staring at a maxi skirt wishing it was a pair of new boots? Well, you can make it happen with the help of a secondhand consignment shop. Places like Plato's Closet, Uptown Cheapskate, and Clothes Mentor are the perfect place to go to get rid of clothes you don't want and exchange them for something new. All you have to do is take in your clothes (make sure they're in great condition!) and someone at the store will 'appraise' your clothes and decide how many of them they want. I like to bring in a lot of clothes when I do this because they're pretty picky when it comes to what they choose to sell, so if you bring in a lot, they're bound to choose a good amount. You'll get to keep (or donate) the clothes they don't want and for the ones they choose you'll get cash or store credit. It really works out great because while they're looking at your stuff, you can browse the store and find something you'd like instead. Not so great if you're trying to downsize, but genius if you're still looking for a new closet item.

If you're cleaning out your vintage closet...consider Etsy

Sure you've been on Etsy, but have you ever considered selling on Etsy? If your closet is full of vintage/handmade gems others would vie for, this could be the perfect option. The nice part of it is that you don't have to go into Etsy full time to sell your stuff. I put up a shop to sell 3 vintage dresses I owned. I put them up at $75-200 and they all sold within several weeks. After I got them shipped out, I closed the shop and went on with my life. So simple. If your clothes would be right for a place like Etsy, go for it! It can actually be fun. The only deal here is you have to follow through and send the clothes in a timely manner. It's a business transaction, not a deal between friends. If you're responsible enough to sell and deliver your stuff, this could become your next career moveà la Nasty Gal!).


If you're a business-minded babe...start a shop on Poshmark

When you're in it for the $$$ and you've got a huge closet to pull from, selling your stuff via a shop on Poshmark or a similar app is a great way to go. I've seen really successful fashion bloggers use this app to sell clothes they no longer want. And let me tell you, your profits will go way up if you leverage social media like Instagram or Facebook to spread the news of your wares. Take great pics of your clothes, be honest about their condition, and get to it!

If you're a cute crafter...reimagine with a DIY project

Love a good craft project? Make use of your old clothes! This works especially well for those clothes that aren't in great condition. I've seen adorable projects to turn your old sweaters into mittens or your old t-shirts into a quilt. Get on Pinterest or Google and start searching for your next project.

Do you have any smart secrets to get rid of clothes you don't want? Share them with us!