5 Savvy Ways to Boost Your Income


Need some extra $$$ to make it through this month? Or are you working toward a financial goal you really want to hit? Either way, you can take advantage of one or all of these savvy ways to boost your income to get that much-needed cash. When it comes time to hustle, it's good to get creative. Look through these 5 ideas of savvy ways to boost your income and see what would work best with your skills and schedule. You never know, you might even find a passion in there.

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1. Go Freelance

Do not underestimate this smart way to boost your income! You can start a freelance side gig right this second. Whether your skills are in graphic design, writing, organization, accounting, or even simple assistant tasks, you can get work helping business owners online. Jumpstart your freelance gig with a few starter jobs to get testimonials and you'll be ready to grow. This is something you can easily do in your spare time to make good money! Once you start working with more and more people, you can raise your rates and really make a good income. I did this while I was in college and it actually helped me create a portfolio and get my next job. You never know where these contacts and experiences might lead.

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2. Sell Your Stuff

Now I'm not talking about hawking everything you own, but selling stuff can be a lucrative business. Think Etsy, my friends. I had a few vintage dresses that I never wore, so I quickly set up an Etsy shop and put them online. I made a few hundred bucks in less than a month with only 5 items in my shop. If you like to thrift shop or make stuff, this could be a great option for you. Plus, you get to write off the expenses you use to start your online business on your taxes. Bonus! And if you do have a ton of stuff in your closet, get to your local consignment store or get on an app like Poshmark or Thred up. You could easily have $50 right there. [/column_right]


3. Take a 'Summer Job'

Remember those glorious high school days of life guarding, babysitting, and other part-time jobs? Maybe it's time to bring that back to your life. When you want to smash your income goals or meet your needs ASAP, consider taking on a 'summer job' or short-time gig of your own. Get creative here and think of something that you could do in your free time to make an extra buck. Pick up some shifts at a restaurant. Help out a daycare center in their before and after care. Serve as a fitness instructor. Work as an intern. Don't let your ego hold you back from taking a quick job to make the money you need.

4. Ask for a Raise

If you think it's appropriate to ask for a raise at your current job, do it! Find a time to talk with your boss, tell them about the great work you've done, and ask them for a promotion. Be sure to show how you have contributed and how you've become a valuable asset to the team. It might even help if you have a competing offer on the table or if you've looked into what similar jobs are paying their employees. Back up your request with as much information as possible. If the answer is no, ask why. Then you'll know what you can do to get a raise or if it's time to consider a career change. If you ask for a raise in a polite and conversational way, there is no downside to it!

5. Rent Your Space

Have an extra bedroom? Seriously consider Airbnb. This can significantly boost your income. I've even seen someone rent out their van for a night in NYC. Renting your space is something so simple. If you get really creative about ways to facilitate people's needs, you can make some extra cash fast. Do you have a parking lot near an event venue? Charge for parking on game days. You can deliver meals for GrubHub. You can even rent out your car with some services. Don't forget to take a peek at Rover. Suddenly, dog-sitting has become quite the profitable undertaking. These are amazing ways to boost your income in your spare time. You no longer have to be limited by your salary. You can do anything with that time you have to yourself.

Use savvy ways to boost your income? Share your awesome ideas with us!