4 Valentine's Night Lingerie Picks for Every Girl


It's one of the most loved and loathed holidays - Valentine's Day.  Love it or hate it, it's coming.  If you're in a relationship or married then adding lingerie is a nice way to mix things up.  If you're riding solo - who says you can't wear it for yourself, or someone special? It's easy to get caught up in all the fodder that comes along with Valentine's Day (cue heart balloons, over stuffed animals and chocolates) and there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of items to choose from in the lingerie department now.  It can be quite overwhelming which is why we've broken down four Valentine's night lingerie for every girl.

The Busy Lady

Who has time for shopping?  Online shopping has taken over and that also includes lingerie!  Sites like AdoreMe.com are perfect for getting lingerie all year long without the hassle of shopping for one in person or spending an arm and a leg.  There is even a quick style test at the beginning to discover what lingerie styles suite you best.  Not into lingerie?  AdoreMe also has regular bras and panties in case your supply runs low.

Lilith Lingerie Babydoll, $39.95 at AdoreMe.com

The Sexy Vixen

You love lingerie and can appreciate a sexy outfit on Valentine's Day, or any day.  Confident, sexy and sassy, go for something more bold, lacy and sheer.


The Sweet & Lovely Woman

These sweet, ruffled and lovely looks are perfect if you want to dress up but still want to feel pretty and feminine.  Mixing pastels with a hint of lace is a sweet and sexy nod that any woman can pull off this year.


The Sexy Conservative

Who says you have to wear lingerie to be sexy?  These sexy robes are comfortable, easy to wear and to take off.  It's also perfect if you're wanting a bit more coverage and versatile if you want to wear it everyday.

Do you enjoy Valentine's Day, even if it's a bit of a forced holiday?