4 Secrets to Mastering Body Language And Reaching Your Goals in Work and Life

Body language secrets have become hugely popular in the last decade. And why not? Once you've mastered your thoughts and built a wardrobe of professional business attire, the next step to exuding confidence is for you to look the part with your body. This skill is essential for career success, especially when your career is one where you're presenting ideas in front of others. We all know how painful it is to watch someone who is so plainly terrified. The presentation falls flat and their goal isn't reached. Talk about a way to flatline your career. If you've got bigger and better things on your mind, body language secrets are another skill you'll want to nail down.

It's no secret that body language is a huge part of how we interact with other people. If you're not intentionally projecting positive body language, chances are you're not making the best impression. These days people actually analyze body language to see how Meghan Markle is fitting in with British Royalty and what politicians are really thinking. It's all fun and games until you realize that you're being picked apart too by the higher-ups in your workplace.

Ready to get ahead and nail body language secrets that will make you feel more powerful? Read on.

1. Master Cognitive Dissonance

When you first start trying to change your body language, you'll likely experience a lot of cognitive dissonances. Your subconscious will be telling you one thing while your brain will be trying to actively do another. Our primitive, natural selves are very concerned with safety and survival which often leads to nerves and fear when we do something where we could be rejected. It's your job to actively fight this impulse and make your body exude body language that will support your goals.

At first, you may have to remind yourself where to place your hands and to stand up straight, but eventually, your subconscious will get tired of trying to revert to fear-based practices and your good habits will stick. Recognizing the reality of cognitive dissonance when you try to master body language secrets will help you stick through the beginning when it seems like it's out of your control.

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2. Uproot Your Self-Esteem

Do you struggle with thinking poorly about yourself? It seems like this has become a bigger problem for us in the past several decades with impossible beauty standards and negative media biases. You likely know it's not good for you and your success to constantly tear yourself down, but what are you supposed to do about it?

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy revealed that mastering body language not only changes the way others see you but also how you see yourself. You remember the science experiment where people  forced to smile with a pencil in their mouth reported feeling happier? The principle is, when you feel happy, you smile and when you smile, you feel happy. We can use this principle to feel more confident about ourselves too! What better way to reach our next goals than project confidence and feel it inside too?

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3. Learn From a Body Language Master

If you've been reading books that will increase your happiness at work and diving into the world of self-mastery, you've probably come across Tony Robbins. This guy has motivated hundreds of thousands of people to get out there and achieve their dreams and he often does that with his renowned conferences. Part of the reason Tony Robbins is so successful at presenting is body language.

Tony is famous for his energy and if you think about it, body language is how this comes across. When you're excited about something or making a main point, you aren't going to be sitting perfectly still. You're going to be using your body to express feeling and energy. Finding a body language master to learn from is another way to master body language secrets for yourself.

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 4. Accept Inauthenticity

As you begin to learn and implement more body language secrets into your life, you may run into times where it feels plain inauthentic. You don't feel anywhere near confident or happy with what you're talking about. In fact, maybe you wish you weren't in this meeting at all. Well, the reality is, it's okay not to be authentic.

Authenticity has become such a buzzword lately, and almost to the point where it's inauthentic. The point is, it's okay if using body language makes you feel inauthentic. You can act how you wish you felt or how you want other people to see you. You don't always have to bare your soul! Practice being okay with portraying a different (hopefully more positive) feeling than you actually are and you might be surprised at what happens.

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