30 Day Be More Positive Challenge: Be Happier, Think Positive, & Find Greater Success in 30 Days!

You create the story of your life. You have the freedom to decide if it's a happy story or a downer. It's all in the way you see things. You can see challenges as impossible obstacles or learning opportunities. You decide when you have enough (money, success, love), when you can start loving yourself, and when you love your life. What's difficult about embracing positivity and choosing to be happy is that our minds get stuck in the negative. You might have heard that we have as many as 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day and that 80% are negative! That is what happens when we don't live our lives with the intention to be positive. That's why we're starting the 30 Day Be More Positive Challenge.

We have the power to change every second of our lives because we can think about our thoughts and choose to change them. How amazing is it to have this mind power! Just like how we need to be intentional about planning the perfect day, we need to be intentional with our positivity.

What have you done in the last week to change your habits to become more positive? Don't beat yourself up if the answer is nothing. That's exactly why we created the 30 Day Be More Positive Challenge. No matter what your current habits are, you can turn them around and this Positive Challenge is exactly the way to do it. It will take you out of your routine and into living a life with greater positivity and love. 

And when you're more positive, everyone wins. You enjoy your work more, you're more fun to be around, and you make other people happy. The Be More Positive Challenge can impact so much more than how you feel about your life. It can transform everything.

Scientific studies have shown that positive thinking can build your skill set. And when you develop your skills, you'll be a shoe-in for that promotion or new position. CNN published an article about how positive thinking can lead to your success. The highlights? Positive people perform better and are more supported by their peers. They are less likely to be unemployed and end up living longer. Plus, when you're happier, you're more creative and you'll find your inspiration to create something meaningful.

There is so much that positivity can bring to your life. Is more happiness and a better outlook something you want for yourself? What about for the people around you? Do you want to bring greater joy to their lives? Give the 30 Day Be More Positive Challenge a try and see how it changes your life. It isn't a big sacrifice. All you need to do is take 15 minutes a day to be more positive. Try it out for one week and see how you feel. Keep going and before you know it, you'll transform your mindset and begin thinking positively without meaning to.

If you've you've thought to yourself, "I wish I was happier," or "It would be nice to be more positive about my life," this is your chance! Take the Be More Positive Challenge and turn your fears, worries, and doubts around right now.


30 day positivity challenge

Day 1.

For every worst case scenario worry you think of, imagine the best thing that could happen.

Day 2.

Spend 5 minutes imagining your dream life and write down what steps you need to take to get there.

Day 3.

Have lunch with someone you admire or just someone you run into today.

Day 4.

Do 3 things to cut out negativity from your life. Unfollow an account on Instagram, delete an app, or do something else to remove negative feelings from your life.

Day 5.

Choose a positive mantra for the day. You can even google for mantra ideas.

Day 6.

Give a genuine compliment to 3 people.

Day 7.

Think about the best parts of your life while you're waiting in line or stuck at a stoplight today.

Day 8.

Take a few minutes to write down your values. What is most important to you in life?

Day 9.

Whenever you have a minute, take 3 full deep breaths to get your oxygen flowing.

Day 10.

Dance, run, jump on a trampoline. Get out there and get your endorphins going for at least 5 minutes.

Day 11.

Do something nice for someone unexpectedly. Keep your eyes open for someone who could use a boost!

Day 12.

Share a good memory with 2 friends and reminisce over good times.

Day 13.

Learn something new from someone today.

Day 14.

Remember that other people's opinions say more about them than you. Make this your mantra.

Day 15.

Keep good on your promises to yourself. Do at least 1 thing to work towards a goal and pat yourself on the back.

Day 16.

Make eye contact and smile at everyone you walk past today. Bonus for saying hello!

Day 17.

Laugh for no good reason. Laugh at silly, annoying things that happen today and move on. Life's more fun when you're laughing.

Day 18.

Meditate for 5 minutes. That's it!

Day 19.

Think about what you can learn from the challenges you're currently facing. What are they teaching you?

Day 20.

Question negative thoughts you have today. Could the opposite be true?

Day 21.

Do one simple thing that fills your heart with joy - painting, biking, singing in the car, whatever!

Day 22.

Learn more about a cause that's important to you and brainstorm what you can do to help.

Day 23.

Fill your feed with positivity. Follow someone or an organization that inspires you.

Day 24.

Go for a walk and admire the world around you.

Day 25.

Print out a positive quote you love and put it on your bathroom mirror or by your desk.

Day 26.

Create a positive thinking playlist that instantly makes you smile.

Day 27.

Call someone that you haven't talked to in a while.

Day 28.

Write yourself a love letter. Wax poetic about how amazing you are.

Day 29.

Look for the good in every single person you see. Compliment the people you really admire.

Day 30.

See how many of these positive thinking challenges you can complete in 1 day! 

Remember to share your experience with us! Tell us how you did in the comments below.