3 Steps to Overcome Self-Doubt and Let Go of Fear


Learning how to overcome self-doubt and fear is one of the challenges we all face. What's so hard about facing this challenge is that doubt comes from a voice that sounds a lot like your own. So how do we overcome the fears and doubts that are taking over our thoughts? Read on to start your journey and find freedom and success.

1. Stop Fearing Fear

One of my favorite podcasters, Lauren Frontiera of the Grit and Glitter podcast, pointed out that we can't get rid of fear altogether. Fear and doubt are biological tools that help us survive. Even if we don't need them now, we can't flip a switch to get rid of them. So if we can't turn off doubt and fear, we simply have to accept them. If we haven't accepted them yet, our anxiety will 10x when we start to feel fear. We'll worry about why we're doubting ourselves and feel overwhelmed in the confusion of all the feels! When you start to feel doubt or fear, tell yourself it's natural. There's nothing wrong with being afraid, it's what you do next that matters.

2. Don't Believe What You Think

This insight comes from the lovely Brooke Castillo. She teaches that we can choose our thoughts. The thoughts we choose then become our emotions and our emotions dictate our behavior. Undoubtedly, doubts will come into your mind, so how do you overcome self-doubt? You choose not to believe the thoughts you think about doubt. Thoughts about fears will come into your mind, but you can choose whether or not to believe them.

As a worrier, I get plenty of negative thoughts coming through my mind. I have to try really hard not to focus on them. One strategy I'll use is to say 3-2-1 in my mind and then think of something else. There's been scientific research to show that counting down in your head switches your brain functions and effectively helps you change negative thought patterns. My other trick comes from the popular, Byron Katie. She basically teaches to question your thoughts and has a 4 step process to get through every negative thought. It's is definitely worth looking at. The main concept is that you ask yourself, "Is this thought really true?" and "Who would I be without that thought?" Challenging your own thoughts is something you'll have to practice for years, but you'll start to see the results as soon as you start.

3. Do it Anyway

Everyone who has achieved something great has felt fear along the way. The difference between them and the people who don't succeed are that the achievers feel fear and do it anyway. Look back at your own life and the accomplishments you're proud of. Didn't they all come because you did something you were afraid of doing? I love the quote by Ellen Johnson that says, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." I tell myself this all the time. If you're scared, it's a good thing! Do it anyway.

What big dreams do you have? What are you going to do to start pursuing them? Share your dreams in the comments below and we'll cheer you on.