3 Mind-Blowing Futuristic Fashion Pieces


Just as modern technology is revolutionizing the way we live and work, technology is also changing our wardrobes.  Gone are the days of plain ‘o fabric. Here are the days of futuristic fashion—where form meets function. Futuristic fashion goes beyond just the smart-watch. Futuristic fashion also incorporates technology into its design, and the results are mind-blowing!

Check out these futuristic fashion pieces:


$471.31USD | Black Scarf via The Ishu

Inspired by a bike’s reflector, the Ishu scarf is designed with A|A|B Pattern and A|A|B Anti Flash Technology in order to protect the wearer from being the subject of unwanted flash photography. In other words: it’s your very own invisible cloak! No wonder it’s becoming a favorite among celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Jeremy Piven, Paris Hilton, and more.

In this day and age where your image is your brand, it’s nice to know that fashion can help protect your image from unwanted photography.


£2,500.00 | K-Dress via CuteCircuit

Look at this adorable dress! The K-Dress is a hand-pleated silk chiffon dress that’s designed with hundreds of Micro-LEDs that'll light up as you dance the night away. The dress is available in Plum Gray, Lipstick, Blue Marine, and Powder Pink. It includes a small snap-in controller that recharges via USB in just two hours. Just charge up the dress while you're getting ready, and you--and your dress--will sparkle for the whole night!


£1,250.00 | Backpack via the Unseen Emporium

Talk about a statement piece! This calfskin backpack is designed to mirror the environment by responding to fluctuations in air pressure. As it comes into contact with the natural atmosphere outdoors, a flush of vivid colors appear on the backpack, and then, it returns to black when indoors again. How cool is that? It's a statement piece that interacts with your environment!

What are some of your favorite futuristic fashion pieces?